Why Legacy POS Fails Pizza

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Why Legacy POS Fails Pizza

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Why Legacy POS Fails Pizza

A modern, robust POS system is a big piece of the pie when it comes to making your pizzeria successful. Unfortunately, most POS systems aren’t designed with pizza operators in mind. Plus, the few systems that are geared towards pizza—like SpeedLine or HungerWorks—still fall short when it comes to offering all the features your business needs. 

Adora is different. We’re a POS company that was born out of our genuine love for the pizza business, and our on-the-ground experience is apparent in all of our features. 

Let’s take a look at why legacy POS fails pizza—and how Adora is revolutionizing what it means to run a pizza restaurant. 

We Take a Smaller Slice of Your Profits

Price is a major consideration when choosing a POS, but trying to find out exactly how much a system is going to cost you can feel like a wild goose chase. That’s because most companies:

  • Don’t post their prices on their website
  • Offer low start-up costs to mask hidden fees
  • Force you to use their credit card processing system

For example, HungerRush only allows you to choose between two credit card processors—Worldpay and CardConnect. This means you don’t have the freedom or flexibility to find the processor that makes the most sense for your business model, or that offers more competitive prices. With a credit card agnostic system like Adora, we encourage you to use whatever processor is going to help your business thrive. 

At Adora, we believe in being transparent, so we give you an idea of our general prices right on our website, and you can request an easy quote that will give you a precise look at all the expenses you can expect. 

Freedom to Use Your Own Hardware

It’s 2021, and traditional POS systems that run on a closed, internal network are becoming increasingly obsolete. However, if you think being tethered to hardware is just for big-box, legacy POS systems like Aloha or Micros—think again. Even cloud-based, pizza-specific options still force you to use their computers and tablets. Let’s take a look:

  • Case Study #1: HungerRush uses their tablets’ eight-hour battery life as a selling point, but at the end of the day, if you find (or already have) tablets that are more efficient, you won’t be able to use them.  
  • Case Study #2: SpeedLine says they’ll evaluate your existing hardware to see if it’s compatible, but unlike Adora, they don’t encourage their clients to use whatever technology makes the most sense for their business.

Our goals are to help you increase profits, reduce inefficiency, and keep your customers happy, which is why you can use Adora on your own hardware. Since all you need is an internet connection, you can even use Adora on your phone. This way, you’ll always be on top of what’s happening in your restaurant. 

Adora Thinks Outside the (Pizza) Box

There are as many POS systems on the market as there are pizza toppings, but most platforms aren’t designed to accommodate the unique needs of a pizzeria. If you’re in the pizza business, it’s essential to have access to features like:

  • Coupon capability 
  • Multi-store order search
  • Unlimited pricing groups 
  • Enhanced customization for toppings, half pies, and more
  • Fine-tuned delivery management

At Adora, we understand that pizza operators need more flexibility, better online order integration, and state-of-the-art delivery features than some concepts. Our system goes above and beyond a traditional legacy POS, so you can ensure every pie is perfect. 

Ordering is Just the Beginning

As a business owner, you need your POS for more than just ringing in orders and processing payments. Adora’s comprehensive approach allows you to manage everything from inventory to scheduling—wherever you are. Plus, our data-driven projections can help you figure out how many delivery drivers to have on deck, how many pizza boxes you need to order, and whether or not your last special was a hit with your customers.

That being said, ordering and payments are the building blocks of any POS, and Adora’s interface is designed to cut down on clicks, and to make payments a breeze. Your guests can pay their way, so you can split the check and itemize tabs without jeopardizing your staff’s workflow. 

Check Out Adora for More Profitable, Productive Pizza

Legacy POS systems aren’t designed for pizza, and even pizza-centric systems lack the freedom and flexibility your business needs. Don’t just take our word for it. Schedule a demo to get a first-hand look at all the ways Adora is changing the pizza business for the better. You’ll get a comprehensive look at how we’re different. Once you experience how Adora compares to your current POS, the choice will seem as easy as (pizza) pie.