How Your POS Can Help You Scale

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How Your POS Can Help You Scale

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How Your POS Can Help You Scale 

As a business owner, growth should always be on your mind. Whether you operate one store or a hundred, there are always opportunities to expand your customer base, boost profits, and ultimately scale your business. 

Scaling isn’t an easy feat, and successful growth requires a significant amount of forethought and planning. If you want to open more stores, add-on to your current location, or transition into a franchise, you need access to the right tools and support. 

The good news is, a modern POS can actually help you do so successfully. With a premier platform like Adora, you’ll have all the resources you need to constantly be moving forward at your fingertips. Read on to find out how your POS can help you scale: 

Customization at Every Level 

Even if you’re running restaurants across the country, you still need just as much flexibility as a ‘mom and pop’ single location. Being able to retain a sense of individuality across your stores—as well as adjust to each location’s unique needs and circumstances—is key to being able to function flawlessly. 

Adora was designed for multi-store operations, which means you’ll be able to customize: 

● Menu items

● Order screen layout

● Discounts

● Employees

● Inventory

● Customer information

These features are accessible at the store, franchise, and corporate levels, so you’ll never feel disconnected from your business—no matter how far your reach spans.  

Inventory Made Easy 

Managing inventory is a challenge for businesses of any size. Inaccurate orders, missed invoices, or forgotten items can wreak havoc on your restaurant. As your business grows, the potential for costly errors multiplies exponentially, which is why we created a system that reduces these risks. 

Our centralized inventory management database gives you access to all your locations in one place.

Since our system was created to manage multiple vendors, we give you access to chain-wide vendor lists that allow you to receive the same item from multiple vendors—with no added stress. 

Plus, our platform lets you stay on top of inventory over time by allowing you to manage perpetual inventory, as well as ideal vs. actual tracking and reporting. Having access to all your information and metrics means you can harness the power of data to make your business stronger. 

Time-Saving Technology

The more your business grows, the busier you’re going to get—and you already have a lot on your plate. Choosing the right POS can be an invaluable, time-saving asset that will make your life less stressful. 

Take a look at how Adora acts as a (much needed) extra set of hands:

● Scheduling: You can’t run a restaurant without staff, and having the right number of people on every shift is essential. Adora allows you to customize the schedule by day or week, as well as seamlessly transfer and re-use previous schedules.  


● Tip Pool Calculations: Forget spending an extra hour at the end of the night figuring out who earned what. Our software takes care of the tip pool for you, so you can handle more pressing issues (or get an extra hour of sleep). 


● Premier Customer Service: At Adora, our goal is to make sure you rarely need to call us for help. However, our team of experts is always there when you do. 

On-the-Go Access

As your business grows, there will be countless instances when you feel like you need to be in two (or more) places at once. While we don’t have a way to make this possible, being able to access your POS from anywhere can make things easier. 

Adora is 100% cloud-based, so as long as you have an internet connection, you have access to all of your data. Whether you need to check inventory from your phone, update a menu price from your laptop, or monitor sales from your iPad, you’ll never be tethered to hardware. 

Adora Helps Your Business Grow 

Even if you don’t have immediate plans to scale your business, you never know what the future holds. However, one thing is certain—you don’t want to feel limited by your POS down the line. 

Not only was Adora designed with growth in mind, but it was also designed to make scaling your business as smooth, seamless, and easy as possible. Schedule a demo today to see how Adora can help you build your business—both now and in the future.