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Browser Based Cloud

Browser Based Cloud

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Customers can make hassle-free payments with our restaurant POS systems.


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display system

Our restaurant POS system allows you to set up custom delivery zones, minimum order amounts, and delivery charges.


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Does your POS system make your life easier, or is it a source of daily frustration?  Adora POS has everything you need in cloud based point of sale softwares, making the daily transactions easier and faster for your staff and your guests.

Adora is a cloud point of sale software system. No longer do you have to purchase proprietary hardware that can only be serviced with an expensive plan. Adora POS can be installed on any mobile device. Because it is platform free, you can choose the tablets or other devices that are most affordable or convenient for your business.

Depending on your current point of sale software system, your wait staff may still be using a pad and paper and manually putting in orders at the main counter. Gone are those days with Adora POS, though. With robust customer serving options, your customers can log into your system’s public facing website and order straight from their phones. Of course, your customers can still choose to order directly from the wait staff, as your staff can have mobile devices in hand to get the order to the kitchen immediately. Also available is curb-side texting; when a customer calls in a mobile order, they can easily text you when they are outside and ready to pick up.

Tipping will become easier than ever with one click tipping through the customer ordering interface. As well, tip pooling can be set up by percentage based on position or split evenly, taking the hassle out of splitting up tips.

Many customers no longer carry around wallets with cash, and some don’t even carry around credit cards if they don’t have to. With Adora POS you can accept any number of payment options, from cash in hand, to credit cards, and even online and mobile phone payments. Give your customers the power of choice when it comes to how they pay for their meal with Adora point of sale software.

Adora POS systems fully support delivery. Delivery has become popular as of late, and by switching to Adora POS you can take full advantage of this trend quickly and easily. Some are put off by added third-party fees to their delivery orders, and you may have to pay some of your profits to be included in third-party delivery apps. However, with Adora POS you can manage all your deliveries yourself, whether you are a single restaurant, or a whole chain.

Point of sale softwares need to be capable of more than just taking orders and processing payments. With Adora POS you can use our system throughout your whole business from scheduling, to employee management, payroll, and even managing your inventory. Take the pain out of managing your business; everything can be done through one powerful system.

Adora POS has the ability for you to easily set up a dedicated call center for customer support, with an unlimited number of agents on a single call-in number. Calls will be properly routed based on address and delivery zones.

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