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“The Adora POS system has made a tremendous difference in our ability to manage our business at the corporate office level. It provides real time accurate information on what is happening in our locations as it is happening. This allows us to help our franchisees adjust their daily operations almost instantaneously.” “The most important aspect of Adora POS in our system is the ease of operation and the user-friendly design from front to back of the house. This allows our franchisees and their employees to use the full range of amazing features from the first day of installation. The Adora POS system meets all the needs of our business at both the corporate office level and in our franchised locations for a price that is terrific for everyone.”

Chris Britt & Ed St. Geme
Mountain Mike's Pizza
211 locations
9 locations
Toppers (1)

“Adora POS is a powerful partner in our business. We have used multiple point of sale systems over the years and can honestly say the Adora is more reliable and capable than anything else we have encountered. We have very busy restaurants, and this system has no issues handling the workload and massive amounts of data.” “Sharli is a uniquely capable programmer and truly strives to understand the needs of our business and is responsive to our requests. He always under-promises and over-delivers! I have no reservations in recommending Adora POS to any business looking for a robust point of sale system.”

Beth Jonker
Topper's Pizza Place
Screen Shot 2020-02-20 at 12.17.41 PM

“After switching from Revention, ADORA POS Solutions has met all needs of our form the initial install, to training and to on-going service support for all of my stores. Sharli and his team understand my team needs and has supported the Eddies Pizza chain through a smooth and seamless transition. Their customer service team is top notch and has exceeded expectations on working with our organization.”

Victor Esaloo
Eddies Pizza
5 locations

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Our Solutions In Action

The Customer

Mountain Mike’s Pizza, a chain of pizzerias mainly along the West Coast of the United States, primarily in Northern California. They have additional locations in Nevada, Oregon, and Utah. The restaurants offer other items, such as pasta and chicken wings.

The Problem/Pain

Mountain Mike’s had a variety of POS products throughout the system which had evolved over a 20 year period. Systems could not communicate adequately for multi-unit owners and did not fulfill management’s needs for flexibility, centralized management and real time enterprise reporting. Franchisee support was severely hindered due to lack of a consistent means of timely chain wide communication. Mountain Mike’s tested literally dozens of POS Systems from Square to SpeedLine to TouchBistro to Toast to SoftTouch POS. The difficulty was finding a system with both the flexibility and cost effectiveness to meet the chain’s and franchisee’s needs.

The Solution Adora Offered

Adora developed a robust and customized browser-based POS application that can be managed centrally as well as store specifically. We created a unique enterprise portal with real time “right now” dashboard data and centralized reporting. Finally the support of the product was a key determining factor for the customer. Adora maintains a 24/7 customer support department that is highly customer focused with no wait times. If all support technicians are assisting other customers when you need support the all is immediately routed to senior management 24/7 for immediate action.

The Implementation

Adora implemented POS into 200+ stores on the schedule required by Mountain Mike’s at the customers direction. After a rigorous test period required by Mountain Mike’s, Adora followed Mountain Mike’s guidance as to how, when and where the implementation was to take place. Adora was able to meet Mountain Mike’s implementation schedule on time, on budget and to the satisfaction of both franchisee and Franchisor expectations.

The Road Ahead

Mountain Mike’s is rapidly expanding and now they have a POS that will easily allow them to scale to any number of locations into the thousands. Adora is able to meet your needs whether you are a multi-unit store owner or a system of hundreds of locations.

Third Party Integrations

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