Multi-Store Features

Whether you’re a 1,000 store chain, or the hometown hero dishing out slices, Adora makes the business of running a pizzeria as simple as pie.

Software for restaurants

Browser Based

Enterprise Management

Loyalty Programs




Browser Based

Cloud Compatible.

Adora is 100% cloud-based software, so your restaurant POS is safe, secure and accessible from anywhere.

A POS that’s as dynamic as your business.

Forget being bogged down by hardware or overloaded servers, Adora POS software works on any platform or browser. Adora is hardware agnostic, so you can tailor your POS to your specific needs.

Technology that makes your life easier.

Your POS shouldn’t limit you, Adora POS software allows your business to utilize the cloud and continue to work with the technology you already have.


Enterprise Management

Customizable control means your POS is uniquely yours.

Menu items, order screen layout, discounts, inventory, customer loyalty features, and much more can be controlled from our centralized, streamlined system.


You’re never too far away with Adora POS.

As a restaurant owner, you can access your POS anytime, anywhere from anything with a browser— all you need is an internet connection.


There’s a lot on your plate.

We can help with store-level and chain-wide consolidated dashboards & reporting, including employee scheduling and management. Key Metrics will automatically be available to you.





Loyalty Programs

Rewards for returning customers.

Let your customers rack up rewards points in various ways that can be used at a designated store or chain-wide. Want to give extra loyalty points for international pizza day? Easy. Free pie on birthdays? No problem.


Gift cards everyone will want to give and receive.

With ValueTech, Worldpay, and Heartland integrations, offering gift cards has never been easier.


Completely Customizable.

As the store owner, you have complete control over your customer loyalty program. We designed it to be completely customizable because you know your customer base best.



Get to know your customers.

Store-level or chain-wide customer databases use intelligent filtering that allows you to keep track of your guests. Customer order history with last order recall keeps every customer feeling like a regular.


Reward your regulars.

Adora POS allows you to provide customers with store-level or chain-wide loyalty points with every purchase.


Knowing your customers is good for business.

Keeping a record of your customer’s favorite items is a great way to build effective marketing campaigns and promotions.


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