Top 10 POS Features to Help You Run Your
Restaurant More Efficiently

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Top 10 POS Features to Help You Run Your Restaurant More Efficiently

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Top 10 POS Features to Help You Run Your Restaurant More Efficiently 

Some things, like being able to send orders to the kitchen and process payments, can be found with almost every POS system on the market. However, the difference between an average system that merely gets the job done—and a modern, state-of-the-art POS that makes your business better—comes down to nuanced, specialized functionalities.

In the restaurant world, the smallest details can make or break you, so let’s take a look at Adora’s top 10 features that can help you run your restaurant more efficiently:

  1. Access Your System Anytime, Anywhere: Cloud-based technology has come a long way in recent years. This means you can get everything from your emails to your photos whenever you want, wherever you want them. With Adora, your POS is no different. All you need is an internet connection to access all your information. Forget having to run into the store every time you need to check inventory or add a menu item—our system makes your data accessible 24/7.
  2. Advanced Coupon Capability: With some systems, offering coupons means dealing with an ongoing logistical nightmare. Adora’s multi-store approach makes providing discounts easy, whether you have one location or a hundred. Your customers (and your staff) will thank you!
  3. Native Online Ordering: When your kitchen is in the weeds, the last thing you need is complicated online orders throwing off your entire staff’s workflow. Our intuitive online system acts as its own POS, so online and in-store orders look identical when they’re sent to the kitchen.

  4. QR Codes Without the Hassle: QR codes have made paper menus obsolete. They save paper, reduce contact, and allow you to update your menu without any overhead costs. However, when QR codes are slow, glitchy, or difficult to navigate, your customers are sure to notice. The good news is, Adora’s QR codes make the entire dining process more efficient. Customers can browse your delicious fare, place their orders directly to the kitchen, and close their tabs—all on an easy-to-download app.
  5. Google Map Integration: With Google Maps integration, your delivery drivers will never get lost, and you’ll never lose track of your restaurants’ deliveries. Plus, our driver dispatch screen includes color coded order timing, order routing, and order regrouping to help orders go from your kitchen to your customers’ doors as quickly as possible.
  6. Customers Pay Their Way: With Adora, splitting the bill doesn’t have to bog your business down. Our system allows your guests to settle up however they please—without adding extra weight to your staff’s shoulders.
  7. Timed Happy Hours: With most POS systems, happy hour can be the most stressful time of the day. Adora watches the clock for you, so you can focus on keeping the drinks flowing.

  8. Automated Tip-Pools: After a long, busy shift, the last thing you or your staff wants to do is calculate a tip pool. It’s arduous, time consuming, and extremely prone to human error. Adora brings tipping into the 21st century with features that do the math for you. It’s faster and more accurate.

  9. Scheduling Management: When it comes to efficiency, nothing is more important than your team. Adora helps you strike the perfect balance of having enough hands-on deck, with keeping shifts lean enough to be lucrative. Adora understands that flexibility is crucial, so our system allows you to schedule by day or week, and to easily transfer past schedules to the weeks ahead.
  10. Easy 3rd-Party Integration: It’s 2021, and a POS system isn’t the only piece of technology your business needs to run efficiently. As the foundation of your tech stack, Adora POS makes 3rd-party integration a breeze by having robust API’s that can communicate with virtually any 3rd party software. 

When it comes to choosing a POS system, you have plenty of options, However, Adora is the only system that was designed by restaurant pros. This means we know that even shaving a few seconds off of everyday tasks can make a shift run more smoothly. That’s why all of our features put efficiency at the forefront and offer endless ways to set your business up for success.