A full set of features

for your team

to thrive on.

A full set of features

for your team

to thrive on.

See Adora POS Features Below

We offer a 100% cloud-based restaurant POS system, so your information is safe, accessible, and secure.

Browser-Based = Freedom

We Can Help with
Enterprise Management

Customizable control means your POS is uniquely yours: Menu items, order screen layout, discounts, employees, inventory, and customers can all be controlled from our centralized, streamlined restaurant POS system.
We offer multi-store order search, smart coupons and advertisements that work with coupon codes in one easy-to-use Pizza POS system.

As Easy As (Pizza) Pie

A New Standard for
Online Ordering

Our native online platform acts as its own POS system, so orders are printed in the kitchen directly from the customer.
Our restaurant POS system allows you to set up custom delivery zones, minimum order amounts, and delivery charges.

Delivery Management Made Easy

Putting Technology to
Work with QR Code Ordering

Our restaurant POS software helps customers scan their table’s QR code, place their order, and the ticket is printed in the kitchen. When it’s ready, the food is delivered directly to the table.
Adora’s fast bar screen means a better workflow for bartenders, and quicker drinks for bar patrons.

We’re Raising the Bar

Dedicated Call Centers for
a Streamlined Experience

Our restaurant POS software helps set up a call center with unlimited agents using your own employees, all with just one number.

Great Food Starts with a
Great Kitchen Display System

Our kitchen display system automatically prioritizes orders based on order type and will put rush orders at the top of the make list.
With our self-ordering kiosks, guests can choose exactly what they’d like, meaning less mistakes.

Kiosks Act as
Another Set of Hands

Hassle-Free Payments

Customers can make hassle-free payments with our restaurant POS systems.
Let your customers rack up rewards points that can be used at a designated store or chain wide.

Help Valuing Your
Loyal Customers

Keep Track of Your Inventory

Our centralized inventory database in restaurant POS allows you to count inventory by list or location, as well as transfer items between stores.

A Team Effort

We're Great Tippers

Tip-pooling that works for your employees: Easily set up tip pooling by percentage based on position or split the tips evenly with our restaurant POS.
Our restaurant POS system allows you to provide customers with store level or chain wide credits, and even provides the ability to consolidate multiple credits.

Keep Your Customer at the
Core of Your Business with CRM

Curbside Texting

Store has a curbside monitor on the POS that alerts them when a customer texts the designated location.

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