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Whether you’re a 1,000 store chain, or the hometown
hero dishing out slices, Adora makes the business of running a pizzeria as simple as pie.

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2 million pizzas ordered through Adora POS…and counting!

A POS for all your pizza needs.

Breakthrough pizza industry technology that delivers an easy-to-use employee experience and also provides powerful reporting and tools for the executive level.

Online ordering is a breeze

Seamless online ordering platform designed to cut down on clicks for the customer and simplify customization. All orders are sent directly to the kitchen to streamline back-of-house operations. 


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Delivery management you can trust

Integrations with Google Maps make delivery tracking a breeze. Automated texts go out to the customer as soon as the driver arrives at the destination for maximum efficiency.

Pizza specific tools and settings

Clear lines of communication from Front-of-House to Back-of-House ensure that orders never fall between the cracks in a rush. Each step in the pizza-making process including make-line and cut and wrap is clear.


One screen to rule them all

Our browser-based technology allows you to manage your POS from any device with an internet connection. All your pizzerias data and management tools are available to you from anywhere, at any time.

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A dedicated team who loves pizza

Customer feedback fuels our development process. We make all of our improvements and updates to the system based on your specific feedback and requests. 

Client Reviews

Mountain Mike's Pizza

mountain mikes

Adora POS is a highly impactful tool that helps manage and drive our business forward. It provides accurate, real-time information at both the restaurant and corporate level. It affords our franchisees with many tools to drive a great consumer experience while maximizing restaurant profitability and providing us great insights at the enterprise level.

Jim Metevier

President and COO of Mountain Mike's Pizza

Core POS

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$ 74
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Core POS Online

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$ 89
  • monthly cost

The Kitchen Sink

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Core POS

Core POS Online

The Kitchen Sink

Browser Based Cloud POS

24/7/365 Customer Support

Cloud Based Portal & Real Time Reporting

Remote POS Station

Menu Mgmt

Smart Discount & Coupon Mgmt

Employee Mgmt, Scheduling & Tip Pooling

Customer Relationship Mgmt

Inventory Management

Fully Integrated Online Ordering

Customizable Online Ordering Layout

Curbside Pickup

3rd Party Delivery Integrations

Enterprise Portal & Business Intelligence

Enterprise POS Mgmt & Access Control

Delivery Management & Driver App

Google Maps Integration

Caller ID Interface

Bi-Directional Call Center

Contactless Ordering & Payments

Adora Gift Card & Loyalty

3rd Party Gift Card & Loyalty Interfaces

Kitchen Display System

Self Serve Kiosk

*Pricing includes 1 terminal software license. Additional charges apply for additional terminals.

**Any module not included in a plan can be added on for an additional charge.

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