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Winning Mid-Summer

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Winning Mid-Summer

As the summer days start to wane and the peak season slowly draws to a close, pizza shop owners are presented with a golden opportunity to finish strong and leave a lasting impression on their customers. In today’s Advice by the Slice, we’ll explore actionable strategies and creative ideas that pizza entrepreneurs can implement now to make the most of the remaining summer days. From social media contests to pizza parties, let’s dive into the world of the pizza business and discover how to end the summer peak season on a high note!

Here are some easily digestible tips for you to make the most of the final stretch of summer:

Engage Customers with Social Media Contests: Host fun and interactive contests on social media platforms to boost engagement and create buzz around your pizzeria. Encourage customers to share their favorite summer pizza moments or create their dream pizza toppings for a chance to win exciting prizes. Customers will always love an opportunity to win a free pizza or order of breadsticks. Getting more momentum on social media is always hugely important for sustaining your business going into the fall.

Partner with Local Events: Take advantage of local festivals, community gatherings, or outdoor events happening in your area during the remaining summer days. Set up a pizza booth or offer catering services to bring your delectable slices to a broader audience. Farmer’s markets and concerts are happening all the time and work great for marketing and boosting sales. Pizza by the slice is always a fan favorite at public events. Contacting your local Chamber of Commerce can be a good place to start to find upcoming events to partner with.

Beat the Heat with Refreshing Beverages: Complement your mouthwatering pizzas with a selection of refreshing summer drinks, such as fruit-infused lemonades, iced teas, or specialty mocktails. A well-rounded beverage menu can enhance the overall dining experience for your customers. People love summer-themed drinks, and alcohol isn’t even needed.

Host a Pizza Party: Organize a pizza-themed party night at your pizzeria with live music, games, and enticing deals. Encourage customers to invite friends and family, creating a lively atmosphere fostering community and celebration. A successful event greatly creates a lasting impression on your customers. As we head into the fall and the sports season, we want to be top of mind for customers ordering pizzas for their own hosting events.

With these actionable tips, pizza store owners can tap into the spirit of summer and make the most of the remaining days to create unforgettable experiences for their customers. By infusing creativity and enthusiasm into their marketing efforts, they can end the peak season on a high note and set the stage for a successful transition into the next exciting chapter of their pizza business journey.

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