Why Every Pizzeria Should Start A Ghost Kitchen in 2024

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Why Every Pizzeria Should Start A Ghost Kitchen in 2024

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Why Every Pizzeria Should Start A Ghost Kitchen in 2024

2024 is in full swing, and it’s set to be a big year in the evolution of the pizza industry! In recent years, the culinary landscape has seen a remarkable shift, and one term echoing across the industry is “ghost kitchens” also known as “virtual kitchens.” So, what is a ghost kitchen, and how can it help your pizzeria? Keep reading to learn more. 

The Ghost Kitchen Revolution

Ghost kitchens are redefining the traditional pizzeria experience. These innovative digital storefronts, devoid of dine-in patrons, serve as dedicated hubs for the creation of new mouthwatering menu items exclusively for delivery. What makes this new restaurant model so efficient is its ability to run it from your existing kitchen as a secondary brand. 

You can build this new online brand with a different menu and sell food through third-party delivery apps only. Your customers won’t know that your pizzeria is now selling bagel sandwiches through DoorDash on the weekends.

Understanding Ghost Kitchens

Ghost kitchens, renowned for their operational flexibility, offer a unique avenue for diversifying food offerings beyond a traditional restaurant’s menu. Leveraging this setup, you can experiment with and introduce a wider range of culinary delights distinct from your regular restaurant fare. 

This approach allows you to tap into varied customer preferences and capture a more extensive market segment, solely targeting delivery orders.

For instance, if your primary restaurant specializes in Italian cuisine, a ghost kitchen could explore selling specialized sandwiches at lunchtime or breakfast sandwiches on the weekend. The ability to be flexible and set the hours you want to sell from this ghost kitchen creates a high-reward, low-risk opportunity to grow your revenue.

Because this “new restaurant” only operates on 3rd party delivery apps such as UberEats and DoorDash, you don’t need to provide a vast new menu or be open for long hours. Instead, it’s up to you to choose how much or how little is on your menu and your store’s operating hours. You can quite literally turn this restaurant on or off, depending on the week. No need for a full menu to suit a variety of customers’ needs. You can even start a 3rd ghost kitchen that just sells Salads and looks like a high-end Salad Restaurant. In reality, you are making these from your pizzeria kitchen with ingredients you already have. 

Why Ghost Kitchens Matter to Pizzerias

Adapting and growing revenue as a pizzeria is extremely important for long-term success. Brick-and-mortar restaurants are expensive to operate, while food delivery is continuing to be on the rise. According to Bloomberg data, the food delivery industry is expected to grow to $165 billion by 2029. Ghost kitchens allow your business to take a larger percentage of this market by expanding your food offerings.  

Now, instead of only selling to pizza lovers, you can tap into any market you’d like to experiment with. You’ve just drastically increased your market share with little increased overhead.

Setting Up a Ghost Kitchen: A Step-by-Step Guide for Pizzerias

So you’ve bought into this idea of starting your own ghost kitchen and running it from your pre-existing pizzeria. What’s next?

Identifying demand & target audience: What food items sell well in your area? Look through third-party delivery apps such as Uber Eats and see what’s already available. Take note of who’s popular and has the best ratings. This will give you a good idea of what items may attract interest in your area. Remember, you only need to sell a few items through this new brand, not necessarily a whole new menu with different items. Pick just a couple of items that can be profitable. 

Crafting a Delivery-Oriented Menu: Develop a delivery-friendly menu catering to the preferences of a delivery-centric audience. It is very important to ensure the menu items maintain their quality during transit. For instance, if soup is on the menu, ensure your containers can withstand a few bumps in the road. Try to use the ingredients you already have, but make new/different items. Try new things! One of the beautiful things about a ghost kitchen is you can add or remove items whenever you want, without your regular customers complaining at the register because there is no register!

Benefits of Opening a Ghost Kitchens vs. Additional Brick and Mortar Locations

Cost Efficiency: Reduced overheads & increased margins.

Increased Reach: Access to a wider customer base.

Flexibility & Innovation: Experimentation and feedback on menus & concepts.

Data-Driven Decision-Making: Utilizing Adora’s built-in analytics for growth.

Increased profits: Capture market share outside of your current customer base.

Ghost kitchens have ushered in a new era of opportunities for pizzerias in 2024. Embracing this innovative concept allows you to diversify your offerings, capture a broader customer base, and tap into the growing food delivery industry. Integrating a ghost kitchen into your operations allows you to adapt to evolving market trends and maximize revenue while minimizing overhead costs. The time to embark on this culinary journey is now, and Adora is uniquely equipped to support you every step of the way. 

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