5 Ways to Become the Go-To Pizzeria for Football Fans

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5 Ways to Become the Go-To Pizzeria for Football Fans

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5 Ways to Become the Go-To Pizzeria for Football Fans

As the days grow shorter and summer gives way to the football-watching season, there’s an undeniable shift in the air. It’s a time when fans gather to cheer for their favorite teams, whether that’s at home on the couch or out for pizza and beers at their favorite pizza shop. 

For pizzeria owners, this transitional time presents a golden opportunity to establish themselves as the ultimate destination for football season. Let’s dive into five winning strategies that can transform your pizzeria into the go-to spot for football fans.

Create a Winning Game-Day Atmosphere:

Setting the stage with an unbeatable game-day atmosphere is crucial to becoming the football excitement hub. Invest in a couple of large screens that offer crystal-clear views of the action, turning every seat into the best seat in the house. Comfortable seating arrangements ensure that fans can relax and enjoy the game without missing a beat. Elevate the ambiance with a festive décor that celebrates the spirit of football, featuring team flags, banners, and memorabilia that pay homage to various teams. This immersive environment enhances the experience and shows your dedication to providing fans with the ultimate game-day haven. Allowing staff to wear their favorite jerseys can also be a fun way to add excitement on game day.


  • Get some big TVs
  • Have comfortable seating
  • Throw some local swag on the walls

Craft NFL-Themed Pizzas:

Turn your pizzeria into the go-to spot by serving up creative NFL-themed pizzas that capture fans’ attention and taste buds. Think beyond the ordinary and design pizzas with toppings that mirror the excitement of the game. Whether it’s arranging toppings to resemble footballs or creating pizzas with field line patterns, like what Papa Johns did. You don’t even necessarily need to add any new pizzas but can simply change some of your menu items’ names to represent a team theme. For example, the Packer’s Supreme Slice (Green Bay), Mile High Meat Lovers ( Denver) and Fly Eagles Fry Cheese ( Philadelphia). Be creative and fun with these! 


  • Get Creative with naming
  • Explore football theme topping patterns

Offer Game-Day Specials:

Fans love a good deal, especially on game days. Harness this enthusiasm by offering exclusive game-day specials that tantalize their taste buds and their wallets. Consider crafting combos that include pizza and wings, perfect for sharing among friends during the excitement. Don’t forget about family-sized meal packages that cater to groups gathered to watch the game together. Your deals don’t need to be that extravagant, but package some items together and add in some free breadsticks or other low-cost items. Call it the Game Day Package exclusively for NFL or college game day.


  • Put together deals for the whole party

Collaborate with Local Teams:

Forge strong bonds with the local sports community by collaborating with nearby football teams or school sports teams. Particularly high school or middle school teams. Explore sponsorship opportunities, whether it’s providing jerseys or offering pizza giveaways when the local high school wins, or even just coupon handouts for attendees of local games. Joint promotions that celebrate both the teams and your pizzeria, creates a win-win situation for everyone involved.


  • Make partnerships with local teams
  • Use event promos to catch local attention

It’s Almost Time for Kick-off

Becoming the ultimate go-to pizzeria for football fans isn’t just about serving pizza; it’s about creating an experience that resonates with their passion for the game. By crafting a winning game-day atmosphere, offering unique football-themed pizzas, providing enticing specials, hosting events, engaging on social media, and collaborating with local teams, you’ll establish your pizzeria as the undeniable heart of football excitement. Embrace the upcoming football season, and let your pizzeria shine as a place where fans can savor great food, connect with fellow enthusiasts, and cheer for their teams in style.

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