3 Must-See Booths at the International Pizza Expo 2023

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3 Must-See Booths at the International Pizza Expo 2023

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3 Must-See Booths at the International Pizza Expo 2023

If you’re a pizza lover or professional, then the International Pizza Expo is the event you can’t afford to miss. This event is a paradise for pizza enthusiasts, where hundreds of vendors, restaurants, and industry professionals from around the world gather to showcase their products and services. While there are many booths to explore, here are three must-see booths that you should not miss at the International Pizza Expo 2023.

La Nova Booth #1446

La Nova, a pizzeria from Buffalo, New York was the company that introduced chicken wings to the pizza industry. They have one of the most vibrant and exciting booths at the expo. Their booth is always packed with live entertainment, competitions, and great music. You will also get a chance to sample their mouth-watering food, which is made using only the freshest ingredients. If you’re looking for a fun and lively atmosphere, La Nova Booth #1446 is the place to be.

Perfect Crust Booth #1361

Perfect Crust is a game-changing product that any pizzeria can add to its arsenal of tools. It’s a small box liner that elevates the pizza slightly to ensure that the crust doesn’t get soggy in the box. No matter what your crust recipe is, Perfect Crust is an excellent solution to ensure that your customers are getting your pizza at its absolute best. At Perfect Crust Booth #1361, you can learn more about this innovative product, and even try it out for yourself.

Adora POS Booth #1561

Adora POS is the number one pizza point-of-sale on the market. This booth is a must-visit for any pizzeria owner looking for an efficient and reliable POS system. Not only will you be able to demo the product and chat with team members, but Adora POS always has something fun and engaging for visitors. Whether it be Virtual Reality game competitions or retro arcade games for you to match up against your friends, Adora POS Booth #1561 is a must-see booth.

The International Pizza Expo is the ultimate event for pizza lovers, and these three booths are a must-visit. You’ll get to experience live entertainment, innovative products, and engaging activities that will make your visit unforgettable. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore these booths and discover the latest and greatest in the pizza industry.


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