When Pizza Goes Spooky - Top 10 Scary Pizzas

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When Pizza Goes Spooky - Top 10 Scary Pizzas

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When Pizza Goes Spooky – Top 10 Scary Pizzas

It’s spooky season—and pizzas around the world are bringing scary vibes to hungry pizza-lovers everywhere. At Adora, we love all kinds of pizza. Yes, even the scary ones. So, what better way to celebrate the Halloween season than with pies that are sure to give you goosebumps?

Feeling brave? Take a look at our Halloween-inspired roundup of the top 10 scariest pizzas:

#1 Fish and Chips Pizza:

Fish and chips is a classic British dish that’s the epitome of perfect pub food. While pizza might be another beer pairing favorite, combining the two dishes is downright frightening. However, that didn’t stop Domino’s from rolling out this unique combination in Japan. The pie features fried fish, tartar sauce, potatoes and lemon slices. Yikes!

#2 Pea Pizza

What’s a vegetable that strikes fear into the heart of children and picky eaters everywhere? Peas. If you ask us, putting peas on pizza doesn’t make them any less hair-raising. In Brazil, pizza eaters love topping their pies with this veggie addition.

#3 Kangaroo Pizza

If you visit the land down under, you might jump when you learn that there’s such a thing as kangaroo pizza. Kangaroo has a strong, gamey flavor, and putting it on a pizza gives a whole new meaning to the concept of a ‘meat lovers’ pie.

#4 Squid Pizza

Although tentacles on pizza might sound like it’s straight out of a horror movie, think about it—calamari pairs perfectly with marinara sauce, so the combination of crust, cheese, sauce, and squid might not be as scary as it sounds.

#5 Reindeer Pizza

If you ask us, this one sounds like the nightmare before Christmas. However, in Scandinavian countries like Finland, sometimes Rudolf is a real-life pizza topping. Known as ‘Pizza Berlusconi’ reindeer pizza features rye crust, smoked reindeer, cheese, and mushrooms. Just beware: eating this pizza might get you taken off of Santa’s nice list.

#6 Banana Curry Pizza

Banana and curry are already a combo for somewhat adventurous palates, but when you put the two on top of a pizza, the results are downright spooky. Swedes would probably disagree, since this is a dish that isn’t uncommon throughout the Scandinavian country.

#7 Crocodile Pizza

They say alligator tastes like chicken, but what about crocodile? The Aussies have managed to create yet another hauntingly unique pizza by topping some of their pies with a deadly reptile.

#8 Canned Tuna Pizza

While anchovies on pizza is common practice, canned tuna is for hardcore seafood lovers only. Most Americans save tuna for wraps and sandwiches, but in Germany, it’s not unusual to find this tinned protein on pizza.

#9 Coconut Pizza

Coconut is already a polarizing tropical fruit—some people love it, while others can’t stand its flavor or flakey texture. Adding coconut to pizza is a sweet addition that will make coconut-haters (and even most coconut-lovers) shutter.

#10 Kiwi Pizza

You’ve probably already taken a stance on whether or not pineapple belongs on pizza. But what about kiwi? If you like a sweet and savory slice, this combo might seem like more of a treat than a trick. 

Adora Takes the Fear of our Running a Pizzeria

While there’s nothing like a good spooky story (or pizza) during October, there’s one thing that should never feel scary—your POS. Adora takes the fear out of running a pizzeria by providing you with the most modern, intuitive, feature-packed system on the market. The best part is, our upfront pricing structure means you’ll never have to worry about us saying ‘BOO” and hitting you with unexpected costs.

Whether you stick to classic cheese and pepperoni, or you decide to offer pies that give some people the heebie jeebies, Adora is there to help your pizza business thrive.