What Do I Need to Know Before Installing an ePOS System in My Bar?

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What Do I Need to Know Before Installing an ePOS System in My Bar?

Cloud Based ePOS System

A cloud-based ePOS system is a good solution for many bar owners. A great system can help to keep your happy hour fun and stress free for both your patrons and your staff. It can also improve workflow for bartenders and speed up service. Both your employees and your customers will love the improvements that your bar will experience when you implement an ePOS system like Adora POS.

There are a few things that you should prepare before jumping into your new cloud-based ePOS system, though.

Preparing for a New Cloud-Based ePOS System

While implementing a new POS system is always exciting, there can be some trepidation, especially when it affects so many different aspects of your business. The good news is that you can avoid issues by being prepared before installing a cloud-based ePOS system.

You can avoid problems and downtime by making sure that your business is ready before switching over. Check to make sure that your current computer systems are compatible. If any upgrades are needed, they need to be completed before installing your new cloud-based ePOS system.

Since a cloud-based ePOS system requires a reliable high-speed internet connection, it is important to test your current setup. Check your upload and download speeds. If your connection is not reliable or fast enough, you may need to switch internet providers or upgrade your current service.

Hardware Considerations

Upgrading to a cloud-based ePOS system might also require you to upgrade your business cell phone, tablet, and/or laptop. At Adora POS, we use extremely secure cloud storage so you can access your business from any browser. If your devices are older, you may need to upgrade them in order to get the most out of this cutting-edge technology. In general, Adora POS systems are all designed to work well with your existing hardware so upgrades are rarely required.

Adora POS offers complete cloud-based ePOS systems that include the exact hardware you need to effectively implement a new POS system. Our premium tier not only includes our secure browser-based cloud POS, 24/7/365 customer support, a remote POS station and a variety of management options that our other tiers also include, but it also includes a kitchen display system, self-serve kiosk, and a number of other additional benefits.

When in Doubt, Ask!

Before implementing your cloud-based ePOS system, make sure to speak with a customer service representative to ensure that your system and internet connection are ready. They will be able to provide you with all the technical support that you need. Our team of experienced customer service representatives can help you smoothly and painlessly transition to your new Adora POS system.

In no time, your bar will be running smoothly and efficiently. Your staff and customers will notice the difference immediately. Management will love the ease of scheduling and tip pooling. Your bartenders will love how simple it is to start customer tabs, and your customers will be amazed with how fast orders are delivered.

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