5 Reasons Why Top Restaurants Succeed

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5 Reasons Why Top Restaurants Succeed

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5 Reasons Why Top Restaurants Succeed

As a restaurant owner, your goals are simple: serve delicious food, keep customers happy, and keep business booming. However, achieving these goals is anything but easy. If you’ve ever wondered why some restaurants are consistently packed with customers (or with delivery and takeout orders) while others sit empty on Friday nights, you’ve come to the right place. 

We’re here to let you in on the five most important reasons top restaurants succeed. Let’s take a look:

  1. Leverage Your Location 

You’ve probably heard the saying, “location, location, location”. While it’s true that operating a restaurant in a busy, convenient part of town is advantageous, not all successful restaurants are situated in prime locations. The key is knowing how to make the most out of your restaurant’s positioning.

If your restaurant is on the outskirts of town, try expanding your delivery range or lowering/waiving delivery fees. Adora makes it easy to manage your online orders and deliveries, so adjusting your rates is a breeze. 

As a result, your customer base will increase, which will off-set the costs associated with casting a wider net. Focusing on a robust outreach strategy is also key for owners whose restaurants aren’t in high-traffic areas. 

For businesses that do experience heavy traffic, it’s essential to make your building’s exterior look friendly and inviting. Try updating your signage, investing in warm lighting, or sprucing up your patio furniture. Making your outdoor dining area comfortable in a variety of weather conditions is a great way to keep customers dining all year long. 

2. Consistency Customers Rely On 

It’s no secret that customers want a great meal when they go out to eat. However, serving up tasty fare is only half the battle. The difference between a good restaurant and a great one often comes down to consistency. Customers don’t want to wonder what they’re going to get each time they place an order. This means it’s critical to monitor the quality of every dish, and to put protocols in place that keep the food your kitchen sends out up to your exacting standards.

Not only will this keep your customers happy, but it will also mean less food waste (and expenses) from items being sent back or thrown out. Plus, focusing on consistency means you’ll be able to manage your inventory more effectively, so you’ll be less likely to over-order or under-order items. 

3. Happy Staff Members 

You already know that good service is what keeps customers coming walking through your doors. The real question is, how do you set your service staff up for success? It’s simple—provide them with a positive and constructive work environment. 

Consider using the following strategies to keep your staff satisfied:

  • Staff the appropriate number of people for every shift (Adora runs projections that makes this easier)
  • Offer useful training sessions and workshops
  • Be flexible with scheduling
  • Request and value employee feedback
  • Provide avenues for professional growth

4. Agility + Adaptability

Today, running a thriving restaurant looks radically different than it did just a year ago. While the pandemic has brought about changes in every industry, restaurants have arguably had to pivot their strategies the most to keep customers and staff safe. Restaurants that have made it through the Covid crisis successfully all have one thing in common—they’ve adapted to meet the changing needs of the ‘new normal’.

Successful restaurants are now relying on tools like:

  • QR codes
  • Self-serve kiosks
  • User-friendly online ordering platforms
  • Contactless payment systems

We understand how critical it is to have access to these tools. Not only does Adora provide all of the tools above, but we’ve also perfected them—so incorporating them into your business is seamless and intuitive.  


5. Customized Marketing Strategies 

While there is some merit in relying on customers to tell their friends and family about your restaurant, these days, word-of-mouth marketing simply isn’t enough. Successful restaurants do more than just give patrons a memorable dining experience—they go the extra mile to make them feel valued by implementing individualized marketing strategies.

To let your customers know you care, try:

  • Specialized Discounts– If your restaurant is in a college town, offer student discounts. If you cater to a more mature audience, try offering reduced prices for seniors or veterans. 
  • Community Outreach– Donating to local charities, partnering with other businesses in your area, and staying involved in your town/city’s events is not only great for publicity, but it will also let customers know that you genuinely care about the community you work in. 
  • Loyalty Programs– Whether you offer a free item after ten visits, or an extra pizza topping to return customers, rewarding diners for their business will keep them coming back.

Set Yourself Up for Success with Adora  

At Adora, we’re here to help with every aspect of your business. Not only do we provide the tools and technology you need to implement the tips above, but we also have the knowledge and experience to help make the process go smoothly. 

We’re more than a traditional POS—Adora is a total restaurant resource. We combine best-in-class features with premier customer service to ensure your restaurant never sits empty. With Adora, even as business increases, running your restaurant won’t get more difficult. We specialize in taking some of the weight of busy owners’ shoulders, so you can enjoy your restaurant’s success. 

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