Tips for Choosing a Restaurant POS System

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Tips for Choosing a Restaurant POS System


If you ask any business owner, operating a business is a challenge. There are always hurdles to overcome, fires to put out, and people to manage, and all the while, you still have to keep your eyes on the future as well. Of all the problems you have on your plate, nobody wants their point of sale system to be one of them. You can’t run your business if you can’t even properly carry out a transaction. Restaurants are always fast paced, so it’s critical that you and your staff can process your customers’ orders quickly and accurately. Make sure you choose the top POS system for restaurants. When you’re making your choice, make sure you take into account what’s most important for you and your business, like some of the following.

Simplicity/Ease of Use

Your business depends on every employee you have doing their job accurately. Mistakes entering orders can lead to upset customers, wasted food orders, or missed revenue. To avoid these, the top POS systems for restaurants will have a clear and easy-to-read display, allowing your staff to quickly enter orders and visibly review them before finalizing the sale.


Your POS system needs to be stable. Losing your access to any part of your system during your lunch or dinner rush can cost your business a lot of time, money, and customers. The top POS systems for restaurants will pride themselves on their program’s steady functionality, so look for that when you are making your choices.


Most business owners are business owners because they wanted to do things their way. They want to create and take advantage of opportunities their way, not be told by anyone else how they have to do things. Nobody knows your business like you do. A top POS system for a restaurant will be able to tailor functions to your operation. Maybe you run a tab system by table to track orders from your customers rather than paying at the counter when you order. If your restaurant has frequently changing specials or happy-hour pricing, you may want a system that will automatically update pricing based on the time or date. Perhaps you have a larger space and need your screens to transmit orders directly to the kitchen to speed up your service. If you do a lot of delivery, your system may need to track delivery statuses and locations. Your POS system should help your daily operations, not limit them.


Bulky block systems and screens are generally a thing of the past. They were difficult to move and generally proprietary, so changing systems used to mean the entire POS hardware was all garbage. Between the advances of apps and browsers, most of the top POS systems for restaurants are more accessible and function on a regular PC. This can be especially helpful in that you can often, depending on the system, log in from your computer in the back office to track sales or make any changes you need without taking time away from your operating front counter.

Ask Questions

The top POS systems for restaurants are at the top of the market for a reason: they don’t stop looking to the future, just like you. As noted above, they’re often customizable, so ask the customer service team, experts, or designers what the system can do. If they don’t currently have a function you’re looking for, they may be able to modify your system for you, or they will write your code specific to your business’s operation. Your POS system can be a tool for innovation in success if you make sure you’re making use of all of its advantages! Contact us for more details.

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