Top 5 Pizza Technology Trends of 2022

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Top 5 Pizza Technology Trends of 2022

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Top 5 Pizza Technology Trends of 2022

Pizza is a classic dish with a long (and beloved) history. While the core concept of a delicious pie has stood the test of time, the technology behind pizza has come a long way. It’s 2022, and there are more modern tools than ever that can help your pizza business succeed.

As a leader in the latest and greatest restaurant technology, Adora is here to help you stay up to date on all of the pizza world’s top trends. Read on to learn how technology trends are transforming pizza in 2022:

#1 Delivery is More Important than Ever

When you want something quick, tasty, and convenient delivered straight to your door, pizza is an obvious choice. Choosing a pie for takeout or delivery is nothing new, but these days, there’s more to delivery than just calling the local pizza joint.

Gone are the days of simply sending out an order and hoping for the best. Today, technology allows you to track orders at every step of the process. Adora was designed to handle high-volume delivery businesses, and our premier delivery management systems offers features like:

  • Google Map integration
  • A driver dispatch screen that includes color coded order timing, order routing, and order regrouping
  • Our Driver Tracking App that lets you view orders in real-time
  • Customizable delivery zones, minimum order amounts, and delivery charges

#2 You Need a POS—and More 

Until recently, POS systems were notoriously slow, clunky, and outdated—and the only feature they offered was sending orders to the kitchen. Thankfully, technology has caught up to the needs of modern restaurants with user-friendly interfaces, cloud-based platforms, and restaurant management features.

Adora offers all this and more. Our POS system makes your employees’ lives easier with simple, efficient system. It also makes your life easier by providing you with essential tools like:

  • Inventory management
  • Scheduling
  • Digital marketing
  • Enterprise management

Having your most essential restaurant resources in one place saves time, and harnessing the power of data allows for more accurate reporting, ordering, and sales projections.

#3 Customers Want a Contactless Experience

The pizza business is all about making people happy. However, doing so looks a little different than it used to since the start of the pandemic. Today, customers often look for a contactless experience when they’re craving pizza. Safety and convenience should be at the forefront of every business strategy, and more and more savvy owners are implementing technology to make these goals possible.

Adora offers features like self-serve kiosks, QR code ordering, app-based payment capability, and curbside texting, so your customers will feel comfortable every time they order.

#4 Virtual Kitchens are a Real Trend

Virtual kitchens, also called ghost kitchens, are a new business model that’s taking the restaurant world by storm. Simply stated, they’re restaurants that only offer food for delivery, and don’t have space for customers to dine-in. These businesses rely on delivery services, which customers usually order online or through an app. Since tech carries so much of the burden of normal operations, it allows for minimal staff, and in turn minimal labor costs.

#5 Customization is Key

Most people who’ve worked in hospitality know how frustrating trying to accommodate custom orders can be—but it doesn’t have to be this way! Utilizing an intuitive POS system that allows for menu control at every level means unique orders don’t have to cause headaches. It’s 2022, and there’s no reason why your customers can’t get exactly what they want. Whether it’s adding a topping to half a pizza, removing ingredients due to dietary restrictions, or creating their own pie, there’s no limits with Adora.

Stay Up to Date with Adora

Adora has always been ahead of its time when it comes to providing the most up-to-date, state-of-the-art POS platform. We’re on top of all the latest pizza technology trends, so you can rest assured that your business has all the tools it needs to reach its full potential. No matter what the future holds for the delicious world of pizza, Adora is there to keep you cranking out the best pies in town.