The Top Four Challenges of Pizza Point-of-Sale Software

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The Top Four Challenges of Pizza Point-of-Sale Software

Pizza POS System

Pizza parlors have been a popular place for hang outs, and for getting quick food delivered for families all over the world. Pizza is a great comfort food for many, and a nice snack for a party, making it a very profitable venture if you know how to make a good pizza, and how to get it out there. Being able to manage a pizza place isn’t always the easiest thing with so many different deals, combos, ingredients, employees, delivery options, etc. A good pizza POS system is a must in order to handle everything efficiently, and to deal with finances properly. Point of Sale systems makes dealing with orders a breeze when they are designed well, and the following are the top four challenges a POS system needs to be able to handle well.

Multiple Pricing Models and Tax Complexities

If you are an owner of a pizza place, you know that you constantly have different deals, combos, and daily specials going on at the same time. Some of these may include deals, like buy one get one free, buy one get 50% off next pizza, a daily special that comes with free drinks, etc. A good quality pizza POS system, like Adora POS, must be able to handle these quickly and seamlessly to ensure that orders get put through quickly and people get their pizzas—and their correct bills—as soon as possible. Further issues come when you are dealing with sit-in and delivery, different tender types, and when you are dealing with taxes and tax exemptions that may differ between cities and states. With a quality system, you’ll be able to quickly configure everything you need during initial setup, so you’ll never have to worry about it again.

Inventory Control

Pizza places have a lot of inventory to deal with, especially if you have a couple dozen specialty type pizzas, dozens of ingredient toppings, and other foods you may specialize in (like wings, for example). Most restaurants have fairly straightforward inventory management (although still somewhat complex), but pizza places, with their near infinite combinations of toppings, need a pizza POS system that can keep up with managing how much inventory is available for orders, especially when also accommodating online ordering and delivery. 

Multiple Order Types

Back when everything was done by hand in pizza places, dealing with different order types was just as simple as having it written on a piece of paper. If someone wanted to split their pizzas into halves, or quarters with different toppings, all you needed to do was write it down. However, as digital orders became more common, generic systems could no longer keep up. With a specially designed pizza POS system, you suddenly get this ability back, allowing even delivery pizzas to be able to be customized to the exact needs of the customers. Finally, fractional pizzas are back, and you’ll have happy customers.

Delivery Control

Delivery is often key for the success of any pizza place. Not everybody wants to come and sit down in a pizza place with their family when they have the craving for pizza, and during the pandemic, it became impossible for months on end to be able to do that. Pizza POS systems helped save pizza places, enabling them to handle the quick change to being a delivery-centric business. User-friendly UX meant that pizza places could easily manage their online or phone orders, manage their delivery drivers, and even provide integrated mapping and directions so deliveries could be quick and  they could keep up to the influx. Being able to monitor delivery performance statistics also allows them to deal with drivers that are having trouble keeping up with order times.

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