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Remove Buying Barriers from Online Ordering

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Remove Buying Barriers from Online Ordering

Love it or hate it, apps like DoorDash and UberEats have very few barriers to hurdle when placing an order. Here’s what we mean by that. A few examples of buying barriers would be filling out an address field, a payment method field, or needing to re-build the same custom order that you buy everything Thursday from the same pizzeria. 

Buying barriers are an inconvenience to your customers, and in this digital age, convenience is everything. If you are on DoorDash or UberEats, then you already have a partial solution to this problem, but the reality is that receiving orders from those apps is less profitable to your pizzeria than if a customer ordered directly from you and either picked it up themselves or had one of your in-house drivers deliver it to them.

The cleanest and simplest solution to this problem for pizzerias is Adora POS. We make online ordering a breeze for your customers. They only have to fill out basic information one time, and then it is saved until they decide to update it. They can re-order their favorite customized items, and even split the tab easily between several parties with our Group Ordering feature. In addition to making the ordering process incredibly simple, your customers will love our Customer Loyalty program that rewards them for their purchases and support of your establishment.

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