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If you own or operate a busy restaurant or bar, you know efficiency in your day-to-day operations is critical. A well-run restaurant not only generates a profit, but also delivers an exceptional customer experience that keeps hungry diners coming back, time and again.

Today’s restaurant-owners need to invest in the latest technologies that provide a full range of industry-specific functions to improve operations and other critical business activities. Adora’s innovative cloud-based POS software helps you stay competitive with other restaurants in your niche, boosting efficiency and improving customer loyalty.

Adora’s Cloud-Based Restaurant Softwares Unlock Efficiencies

If you own or operate a bar, restaurant or other hospitality business, you need the best POS software based on your business type. With Adora’s unique restaurant software solutions, you can ensure your business runs as smoothly as possible through features like floor management, inventory tracking, contactless payments and so much more. Here’s how Adora’s innovative POS restaurant softwares can streamline operations, both on the front and backend, for your business:

  • Enables faster transactions. Time is of the essence when it comes to the restaurant business and increasing the speed of transactions helps you serve your customers faster. By speeding up transactions, your business makes money while keeping customers happy. Adora’s software for your restaurant allows customers to pay their bill whenever they’re ready, all while ensuring an accurate total, every time. Adora is even capable of incorporating alternative ordering and payment options. From curbside ordering to self-service kiosks, Adora makes it easy to give your customers and your staff more options. The result is a better customer experience.
  • Reduced downtime. Your staff members and patrons alike can get frustrated with POS systems that go offline at a moment’s notice. Adora’s reliable cloud-based POS systems, you can have peace of mind that your POS works whenever it needs to. Our support staff is available round-the-clock, ready to help you solve problems immediately should they ever arise.
  • Greater efficiency. Quality POS software for a restaurant does much more than process and track customer payments. It also should keep the backend of your busy restaurant running smoothly. Adora’s innovative restaurant software includes a full range of tools to maximize your business’ efficiency. From tip pooling to scheduling, online ordering to delivery optimization, Adora has the tools you need to accommodate more orders and make more profits.
  • Inventory tracking. The latest softwares for your restaurant should also include inventory management tools that eliminate human error, save time, reduce waste and so much more. Adora’s POS reduces waste from over-ordering, ensuring you always have the right products and ingredients on hand.
  • Enhanced marketing options. Quality POS software, like Adora, gives restaurants the option to implement coupons and customer reward systems. Not only does this help you better understand your patrons, but it also encourages customer loyalty and repeat sales.

Adora’s Restaurant Software Gives Your Business the Competitive Edge

Restaurants are always operating on thin profit margins. Success in the restaurant industry relies on a number of factors, but overall, you’re in business to deliver an exceptional experience for your customers, every time. Adora’s customizable, full-service point of sale software for restaurants unlocks efficiencies that save you time and money, all while helping you provide the level of customer service your patrons deserve. Contact the Adora team today to learn more and to schedule your demo!

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