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Who can resist a delicious pizza? Whether you’re sharing a tasty pizza pie on game night or you’re enjoying a fast, flavorful meal with the whole family, pizza always satisfies. If you own or operate a busy pizzeria, how do you make it easy for your customers to get their hands on your delicious products? Adora’s innovative pizza POS systems help in every aspect, so you can provide a seamless, pleasant experience for every customer, every time.

Cloud-Based POS for Pizza Restaurants

Adora’s reliable, user-friendly cloud-based pizza POS system isn’t tied to your company hardware—that means your information is always secure and always accessible. The Adora POS for pizza restaurants is compatible with your existing computer system. It can be used with any hardware as long as you have an internet connection.

Customizable POS Systems

At Adora, we know the pizza industry inside and out, and we understand there’s no one size fits all solution when it comes to POS systems. No two pizza stores are exactly the same—from different prices to different menu offerings, coupons, and more, we know that every client has unique offerings and unique needs.

Adora’s POS pizza system is fully customizable, so you can include any characteristic you can think of. Whether you run an individual store or an entire chain of busy restaurants, it’s easy to program the menu and prices to reflect everything that’s on the menu, so every customer can enjoy the feeling of an in-store experience even when they’re ordering online.

Ordering Made Easy

Hungry customers know there’s nothing more frustrating than a problematic online ordering experience. Adora’s pizza POS system simplifies the ordering process, so your customers can count on a hassle-free experience, every time. Orders come directly from the customer to your kitchen. There’s no middleman, so you can count on less errors in the ordering process.

Adora makes online ordering accessible to everyone. The Adora system includes bilingual customer-facing online ordering capability, so your customers never have to deal with an awkward language barrier.

Simplifying Delivery

The success of every busy pizza shop relies on much more than simply serving a tasty product—without exceptional delivery service, your restaurant will struggle. Adora’s innovative POS system for pizzerias is an all-in-one solution that simplifies your delivery processes. From tracking delivery through GPS, creating optimized delivery routes, prioritizing deliveries and even managing delivery charges for different locations, Adora’s POS streamlines pizza delivery. The result is happier customers, not to mention a better bottom line for your business.

Give Your Pizza Restaurant the Cutting Edge With Adora’s Pizza POS System

While there are many restaurant POS systems out there, most of them aren’t designed to handle the unique demands and requirements of busy pizzerias. Whether you operate a single thriving location or a growing portfolio of franchise locations, Adora’s cutting edge POS platform includes all the features you need to streamline your operations—from the kitchen to your customers’ doorstep. Reach out to us today to learn more about our innovative pizza POS system.

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