Restaurant Delivery Software

Own or operate a busy restaurant? Now more than ever, customers are turning to online platforms to order delicious food from their favorite restaurants. Why shouldn’t your restaurant go digital, too? While food delivery isn’t a new concept, the process has changed dramatically over the years. Tech-enabled apps and other food delivery platforms make it possible for your customers to order food with just a few clicks, and now is the time for restaurants to step up to the plate and deliver a seamless, hassle-free experience for their hungry patrons.

Adora’s unique platform optimizes food delivery, making the entire process simple and transparent. Some of the key features of Adora’s innovative restaurant delivery software include:

Integrated and intuitive

Adora’s delivery management software is fully integrated with Google Maps, including a driver dispatch screen with color-coded order routing. It’s also intuitive, assisting with order regrouping that keeps your kitchen running smoothly by grouping both in-store and delivery orders as they happen in real time. Adora’s software even creates optimized delivery routes for your drivers, prioritizing deliveries and managing delivery charges for specific zones.

Completely customizable

Adora’s delivery management software system is just as customizable as your orders. No matter what type of food you’re serving, delivery isn’t a one-size-fits-all endeavor. Adora’s innovative delivery management software lets you customize a variety of settings, so you can make sure you’re delivering a superior level of service to every customer will maximizing your profits. You have complete control over every aspect of your delivery service, from designating delivery zones to minimum order amounts and delivery charges, Adora’s system lets you make the most of your delivery efforts while you make a profit.

Real-time updates

Today’s consumers appreciate visibility across all touchpoints—in other words, they want to know exactly where their order is at all times. Instead of fielding phone calls from customers wondering where their food is and when it will be delivered, invest in Adora’s delivery management software and offer real-time updates to your customers. Adora’s software includes an innovative Driver Tracking App that tracks all deliveries through GPS, so your customers can see the driver on the dispatch map in real time. This eliminates confusion and greatly improves the overall customer experience.

Optimizes delivery operations

With Adora’s automated delivery management processes and efficient route planning, you can increase the number of deliveries per vehicle. Not only does this reduce your overall costs and let you serve more customers in a shorter amount of time, but it also ensures you’re delivering the best possible product to your hungry patrons. And with Adora’s cloud-based system, you have access to delivery data at your fingertips that you can use to generate various insights and reports to identify areas of improvement so you can grow your delivery business.

Adora’s changing food delivery for the better—for businesses and customers alike!

Technology is changing the delivery business for the better. Whether you own or operate a single restaurant or a growing chain, Adora’s tech-enabled platform makes home delivery service easy, transparent and—most of all—profitable. Ready to invest in delivery management software that takes your business further while delighting your hungry customers? Talk to the team at Adora today and schedule your free demo!

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