Restaurant POS Software

Whether you run a trendy bar or a chain of busy restaurants, you need restaurant POS software to stay competitive. The Adora POS system for restaurants is packed with features that help you better manage your food service business. Our fully customizable systems come with the following features built-in:

Cloud compatibility. Adora’s POS Softwares for your restaurant are 100% cloud based. That means you and your team can access information in real-time, anywhere in the world with an internet connection. All your information is safe and secure, and accessible at the touch of a button. The software works on any platform or browser for complete freedom and flexibility.

Enterprise management. Adora is customizable to meet the needs of every customer, at the store level or chainwide. We can help with enterprise management, so you can customize your restaurant point of sales system so it’s uniquely yours. Menu items, coupons, order screen layout, timesheets, inventory management, customer profiles and more can be stored in Adora’s centralized, streamlined system.

Online ordering. As customers turn to the internet to make most of their purchases, restaurants need to respond. From the customer to the kitchen, Adora’s platform prints orders in the kitchen directly from the customer. You have full control over the menu, and you can even add coupons or promotions at the touch of a button. Adora’s POS systems for restaurants are even accessible, with bilingual ordering capabilities that eliminate language barriers.

Bar management. Run a busy bar? Adora’s built-in features enable you to start a tab and keep a customer’s card on file; provide timed pricing for happy hours and streamline workflows for bartenders.

  • Delivery management. Adora is changing the game when it comes to delivery management. Now, your busy restaurant can make deliveries faster and more efficiently, boosting customer satisfaction and your overall bottom line. Built-in order routing, order regrouping, real-time updates and so many other features improve the customer and driver experience. You can even set up custom delivery zones, charges, minimum order amounts and more.
  • QR code ordering. Only the top POS system for restaurants include features like QR code ordering. This simple, streamlined method of taking and fulfilling orders is easy on both your staff and customers. Customers simply scan the QR code at the table and place their order. The ticket is printed in the kitchen and the food is delivered directly to the table as soon as its ready.
  • Hassle-free payments. Customers expect quick, easy transactions. With Adora’s unique point of sales system for your restaurant, credit card payments are EMV-enabled and PCI-certified. Customers can pay their way, and easy, electronic payments and emailed receipts make the entire transaction process fast, secure and efficient.
  • Available self-ordering kiosks are a guest-friendly feature you can integrate into your Adora POS. Kiosks save money on labor costs and even increase revenue by marketing directly to customers. Your patrons will love them!

Invest in the Best POS for Restaurants

Adora is the best POS system for restaurants. It’s packed with features that help you unlock everyday efficiencies at your restaurant—or chain of restaurants—helping you provide better service to your customers while improving your business’ bottom line. Reach out to our team to schedule your free demo and see for yourself how our innovative POS can help your business run smoothly and become more profitable.

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