Six Ways a Restaurant POS Software & System Can Boost Efficiency

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Six Ways a Restaurant POS Software & System Can Boost Efficiency

Restaurant POS Software

Modern restaurants have completely changed in the past two years. The need for fast and effective restaurant POS software and systems that can adjust to modern demands has never been higher. Despite this, many restaurant owners are hesitant to change or upgrade their systems.

Here are a few of the top reasons why an investment in a new restaurant POS software and system is an investment in your future success.

1. Customizable User Interfaces

Every restaurant is unique, and every ordering protocol works a little differently. The right restaurant POS software empowers owners and managers to make a user interface that works for them. That can mean replicating and improving on a familiar system or completely redoing the interface to make more sense and follow better logic. Regardless, the right POS system and software ensures the right interface is implemented to reduce confusion and increase efficiency.

2. Customer to Kitchen Ordering

With online and native ordering becoming the norm for most restaurants, you need a restaurant POS software that can get orders from customers to kitchens faster. The Adora POS system has its own native online platform that sends orders straight from the customer to the kitchen. That means orders are printed in the kitchen immediately for faster service with fewer points of failure.

3. Powerful Delivery Tracking

If you are in charge of delivery, then you need it to be as fast and efficient as possible. That is why it pays to invest in a restaurant POS software that takes delivery into consideration. The Adora POS system features real-time delivery tracking so you can see precisely where and when deliveries happen. It can also help your drivers with order coupling so they can hit the best route to get everyone their food faster and hotter.

4. Coupons & Promotions Made Easy

Everyone who has been a server knows: coupons and promotions can get in the way very quickly. Whether the coupon codes don’t work, the bill doesn’t properly implement a promotion, or something else, they don’t always work.

Modern restaurant POS software can group coupons and apply them to things automatically, even at different locations. That means you can create, implement, and effectively track your coupons and promotions at all your restaurants, and your team doesn’t have to worry about them working incorrectly, leading to complaints and holdups in service.

5. True Menu Customization

From unlimited toppings to fully customizable add-ons and specifications, our restaurant POS software and system puts you in control. You can build out your entire menu, make all the options easy to navigate, and ensure the orders are clearly communicated to the kitchen quickly and effectively. That’s the best way to ensure your customers and team are happy.

The Next Step in Restaurant POS Software

If your restaurant is ready for a POS system that matches your needs, then contact the team here at Adora POS. Our modern restaurant POS software and system is designed to meet the needs of your team and empower you to make a system that works for you and your team.

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