Questions to Ask Before Purchasing a Restaurant POS System

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Questions to Ask Before Purchasing a Restaurant POS System

Best POS system for restaurants

Point-of-sale (POS) systems are crucial to running a lucrative restaurant business. And, it is paramount to come prepared with the right questions to ask before making a significant investment—even in POS systems. Go armed with the following questions to guarantee you end up with the best POS system for restaurants, one that will meet all your business needs for years to come.

1.  What are your business requirements?

Every restaurant business needs an efficient POS system to improve customer service and increase their annual revenue, allowing your restaurant to stand out against the competition. Take a look at the features offered by the POS system and how it will benefit running your restaurant business. For example, a full-service restaurant will have different needs than a coffee shop or a pizzeria.

Here’s a brief list of the features offered by Adora POS, the best POS system for restaurants.

• 100% cloud-based POS software

•  Real-time driver dispatch map to track the delivery guy

•  QR code ordering and online ordering

•  Self-service kiosks

•  Contactless payments

•  Customer facing display screen

2.  How much should I spend?

Price is a vital factor for any big purchase, but it should not be your primary concern. It’s more important to find the right POS system that provides value and longevity. After all, you will not replace a point of sale system in a couple of years. The average lifespan is around ten years. Don’t worry, the best POS system for restaurants will eventually pay for itself through increased sales and decreased inventory costs.

3.  Is this POS system developed for restaurant use?

Make sure that your POS system was specifically designed and created for your restaurant industry. This isn’t a “one size fits all.” Some standard features in retail POS systems can adapt very well to the restaurant business; however, you should pick one that helps your business grow and succeed. You don’t want it to just allow it to be manageable. In addition, you should be able to operate tasks smoothly, such as sending orders straight to the kitchen, splitting the bill, selling meal combos, and more.

4.  Is the provider reputable and trustworthy?

Check the vendor’s history. Do they have a proven track record of success that you can rely on after purchasing? You are investing a lot of time and wealth to install the system and train your staff. During the selection process, you should ask for past references. In addition, check the list of current customers that you can reach out to for their insights and first-hand experiences.

Still having questions? Please speak with our POS system experts—they are happy to provide you with guidelines on choosing the best POS system for restaurants.

5.  Is the POS system user-friendly?

A POS system is for everyday use, and it should be easy to navigate. The best way to make a secure decision is by taking it for a test drive. Most companies try to offer free trials, so take advantage of that. See the system in action if you can; it’ll give you an idea of how it functions for various employees. It helps to have a chat with other restaurant business owners about their system.

Wrap Up

These five questions will point you in the right direction to look for the best POS system for restaurants. Do ample research and take the time to ask all these questions and more to select the right system for your company.

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