How to Buy the Best Point of Sale Software for Your Restaurant

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How to Buy the Best Point of Sale Software for Your Restaurant

Restaurant Point of Sales System

Every time you go to your favorite restaurant, you hear a server ask if you would like the machine to pay. Credit cards and debit cards have become the normal way for people to pay. The server hands the machine over and with a few taps of a button the bill is settled. What if a restaurant point of sales system could do more? What if it was integrated into almost every aspect of the restaurant? With our restaurant point of sales system, this is all possible.

Choosing the Right Restaurant Point of Sales System

All point of sale systems will take a payment, but what else can it do? There are some features to consider when looking for a new system, and one the biggest consideration is support. No matter how good the machine is, if there is no support when things go wrong, you can lose customers. Does the point of sale system help with customer data for opening tabs, or use QR codes for ordering accuracy? Does the system help the kitchen prioritize orders or help with inventory? Choose one that can, and has on-call support for all of the many functions.

Online Ordering with a Restaurant Point of Sales System

Online ordering from restaurants grew over 300% since 2014. Online ordering accounts for over 40% of restaurant sales. This number is expected to continue to grow, so your restaurant point of sales system needs to be integrated in a way that will support this growth. Our technology allows orders to be printed directly in the kitchen. Using a point of system as the online ordering platform means there is no third party apps, everything is native to the platform. The point of sales system allows the menu to be controlled at all levels from the store to the corporate levels. Our system allows the online ordering to have your item names, prices and even coupons. And because it is all on the native platform it can be programmed to understand a variety of languages to ensure that all customers are able to access your restaurant.

Your Restaurant Point of Sales System Can Help with Delivery

An increase of online ordering also means an increase in delivery. Our system can be used to manage deliveries. The system can have third party apps such as Google Maps integrated to ensure that the drivers know where to go. There is a dispatch menu that can color code times, order routes and can even help with setting priority deliveries. Deliveries are as unique as your eatery. Our restaurant point of sales system is customizable and allows you to determine rates, delivery zones and even tips.

Work smarter not harder. This motto makes it easier for all employees and management to operate a restaurant. Use our technology to be organized and efficient from ordering food, through to the delivery to a table or home. Our restaurant point of sale system is more than just the ability to take payments.

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