Pizza POS Systems - “Must-Have” Features for Pizza Delivery and Pizza Restaurants

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Pizza POS Systems - “Must-Have” Features for Pizza Delivery and Pizza Restaurants

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If the past year has taught the restaurant industry anything, it is that the traditional way of doing things simply won’t do. Everything, from ordering to payment, needs to be streamlined, automated and efficient. It not only helps businesses run better, but it also helps them make more money while creating happy customers. In the pizza business specifically, a dedicated pizza POS system can make the difference between a good night and a great one. Here are just a few of the must-have features you will need in your POS system.

Customizable Interface

It never fails to surprise how many POS systems claim to be made for restaurants but don’t include customizable interfaces. With every restaurant having different layouts, menus, and operating procedures, conforming the way you do business to your POS system simply doesn’t make sense. That is why you need a pizza POS system that you can customize. That way, you can create an easy-to-use system that makes sense to your team and helps them put in and process orders with greater efficiency.

Cloud-Based Storage

Many POS systems today come with their own clunky hardware, which makes you have to rethink your restaurant. But with today’s cloud-based data storage capabilities, your POS system shouldn’t be clunky. It should be light and easy-to-use. Plus, cloud-based storage means that your system won’t suffer data issues if your internet goes down. Always look for cloud-based solutions when shopping for a pizza POS system. It’s the best way to stay nimble with your POS system.

Options for Coupons and Promotions

If you have ever tried to implement a promotion on traditional POS systems, you have probably noticed how much of an issue it can be. If you want that promotion to exist online and in-person, it often takes at least twice the amount of work. This shouldn’t be the case. In fact, your pizza POS system should be able to create custom coupons and promotions that work universally across your system and all your locations. If your current system doesn’t, then you likely need to invest in a new POS system.

No matter what kind of pizza restaurant you run, from luxury in-person dining to fast and delicious delivery, you can benefit from a dedicated pizza POS system. But you don’t just need a POS system to be built with your restaurant in mind; you need one with the best features, including quality reporting, cloud-based data storage, customizable interfaces and options for coupons and more. Plus, it should be able to work the same at every location.

Adora has developed one of the world’s most intuitive and efficient POS systems, designed with your business in mind. If you are looking for a pizza POS system that will change your business, then be sure to contact us today. We can walk you through what makes Adora different, and how it can help your business reach even greater heights.

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