Why You Need a KDS System in Your Restaurant Kitchen

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Why You Need a KDS System in Your Restaurant Kitchen

KDS System

If you run a kitchen, you know that orders to the kitchen are a point where things can go wrong. If you’re still relying on a physical ticket system, then the potential for errors is very high, especially compared to a Kitchen Display System (KDS). The modern KDS system can help your restaurant give your employees and guests a better overall experience, all while improving workflows and profitability.

What is a KDS system?

A KDS system is essentially a total digitization of traditional ticket systems in restaurants. They are a way to organize and prioritize orders heading to the kitchen. Essentially, they let servers, staff and, in the case of online orders, customers put in their orders and the system automatically sends them to the kitchen in the right order to ensure maximum efficiency and accuracy.

By going digital with a KDS system, you can see a number of immediate benefits. Here are just a few benefits that a KDS system can bring to your restaurants.

Fewer chances for mistakes

By automating the process, there is little chance for mistakes. Old ticketing systems could have printing errors that made orders difficult to read. They could also be dropped, burned or lost. When you use a KDS system, you are instead beaming orders directly from the ordering system to screens in the kitchens, making it nearly impossible for the system to make mistakes.

Better organization and prioritization

With orders coming from the restaurant and online ordering, making sure that you have everything ordered correctly for the kitchen can be almost impossible without some automation. With the right KDS system, all this ordering and prioritization will be done automatically, letting you get orders completed and ready to go faster and with more accuracy. So, whether it’s an order that’s getting delivered or ensuring people’s appetizers and mains are properly spaced out, a KDS system can make everything simple and seamless.

Get better data for future improvements

We live in a world of better data and data analysis. A modern KDS system can empower you and your team to make decisions based on data collected from your kitchens and operations. Decisions that can lead to improved workflows, efficiencies and, ultimately, a better experience for you, your staff and your guests.

The best modern KDS system

If you are looking to upgrade your kitchen, a KDS system is the perfect place to start. Not only does it automate the old kitchen ticket system, but it can also help reduce errors, improve efficiencies and lead to better experiences for guests and staff alike. Plus, with the extra data you can gather with a KDS system, you can make informed decisions that will improve your kitchen’s overall workflow.

The AdoraPOS system fully integrates a point-of-sale system with one of the world’s most powerful KDS systems. Our entire system can revolutionize your restaurants, improving your overall efficiency and potentially increasing your profits. Contact us today to learn more about how our integrated POS and KDS system can help you.

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