3 Must-See Booths at the National Pizza Show

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3 Must-See Booths at the National Pizza Show

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3 Must-See Booths at the National Pizza Show

Welcome to the With over 35 years of convention planning experience, Expo Media, Inc. has curated an event that will showcase the latest trends, innovations, and offerings in the pizza industry. From exhibits and workshops to seminars and contests, the National Pizza Show promises to be a haven for pizza aficionados. You will see the latest and greatest tech and trends available in the industry and be able to network with other pizzeria owners across the nation. We’ve compiled a list of three must-see booths that are sure to capture your attention.

Here are Adora’s Top 3 Picks:

1. Caputo Cheese

As a vital ingredient in just about all pizza recipes, cheese plays a pivotal role in delivering that perfect melt-in-the-mouth experience we all strive for. At the Caputo Cheese booth, you can explore an array of high-quality cheeses that are essential for creating that authentic Italian flavor. Whether you’re a traditionalist who swears by mozzarella or an adventurer ready to experiment with different cheese blends, Caputo Cheese is your go-to booth. Learn about the cheese-making process, discover new varieties, and find out how the right cheese can elevate your pizza game to the next level.

2. Perfect Crust

The foundation of any great pizza is its crust. Perfect Crust offers a liner that can fit in any box that slightly elevates the crust so that it maintains the perfect consistency as its moved from your kitchen to your customers dining rooms. It is a simple and cost effective way to ensures that your crust maintains it’s quality in transit. Do your pizza a favor and check out this booth. 

3. Chicago Pizza Tours

What better way to celebrate the pizza culture of Chicago than with a guided tour that explores the city’s iconic pizzerias? Chicago Pizza Tours offers a unique opportunity to delve into the Windy City’s pizza scene, led by none other than Steve Dolinsky, a 13-time James Beard Award-winning food reporter. With an intimate knowledge of the city’s culinary landscape, Steve will take you on a journey through the different styles of pizza that Chicago has to offer. Whether you’re a fan of deep-dish, tavern-style, or thin-crust, this booth will provide a delicious afternoon to make your National Pizza Show experience truly memorable.

For more information about the event and registration details, please visit the official National Pizza Show website: https://nationalpizzashow.com/

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