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Dear Restaurants, Don’t Get Burnt by Toast

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Dear Restaurants, Don’t Get Burnt by Toast

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As a restaurant owner, you wear many hats – from quality control and customer satisfaction to financial planning. The last thing you need is another unforeseen expense, especially one you have little to no control over. 

Yet, many establishments find themselves in this exact predicament, thanks to Toast Inc.’s new policy of a nearly 2 percent processing fee (PLUS a whopping .77% fee that is reinvested into Toast). This move has sent shockwaves across the industry, with many restaurateurs voicing their concerns. Toast Inc., a widely used third-party point-of-sale (POS) provider, has unilaterally enforced this fee, making it payable by the consumers and not the restaurants already paying for their services. This has led many in the industry to ask: “Why is a third-party entity charging my customers?”

In contrast, at Adora, we value transparency, autonomy, and choice. We believe that you, the business owner, should have full control over your payment processing, without hidden fees or unilateral policies.

The Pain of Hidden Fees

The recently imposed fee by Toast Inc. is especially frustrating for business owners who find they have little control over the matter. It’s akin to the cashier overcharging a customer and pocketing the change. What’s worse is that the processing fee is also being applied to orders made through the restaurant’s own websites, limiting the autonomy of the business owners over their own sales mechanism. This fee imposition does not only harm the relationship between the business and its customers, but it’s also seen as a brazen attempt by Toast to line their pockets at the expense of both businesses and consumers.

The Adora Difference: Select From a Variety of Payment Processors

At Adora, we take a different approach. We believe in the power of choice and the importance of business autonomy. That’s why we offer the ability to choose from several payment processors. This puts you in control of the costs associated with payment processing and eliminates the possibility of unexpected or uncontrolled fees being passed onto your customers. 

Rather than locking you into a payment processor with a fee structure that doesn’t work for your business, Adora opens the door to a selection of processors. 

This means you can select a processor that aligns with your business model, customer base, and financial strategy. The power of decision lies firmly in your hands, allowing you to optimize your costs and eliminate surprise charges.

Taking a Stand

Restaurants will always be more than just places to eat; they are community cornerstones, gathering spots, and comfort providers. Adora stands firmly with restaurant owners, offering a POS solution that values choice, transparency, and autonomy.

In the face of big tech imposing hidden fees and undermining the relationship between restaurants and their patrons, Adora aims to empower business owners with the freedom to choose their own path. It’s your restaurant, your customers, your choice.

At Adora, we are more than just a POS system, we are your partner in creating memorable dining experiences, minus the unpleasant surprises. Because at the end of the day, you should be focusing on what matters most – delivering delicious food and excellent service to your valued customers.

We welcome any restaurant owners facing these challenges with Toast or other providers to reach out and explore how Adora can bring a different, more empowering perspective to their business operations.


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