Five Major Pizza Trends of 2022

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Five Major Pizza Trends of 2022

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Five Major Pizza Trends of 2022

It’s probably safe to say that people will never stop loving a slice of classic cheese or pepperoni pizza. However, the pizza industry is dynamic, and it’s constantly changing and evolving. 2022 has some big things in store for the pizza world, and here at Adora, we’re committed to staying on top of these new and exciting trends. 

Whether you’re a firm believer in staying old-school, or you want to be the hippest restaurant in town, it’s important to stay up to date on new pizza developments as they unfold. From innovative toppings, to even more cutting-edge technology, it’s a big year for pizzerias both big and small. Read on to learn about five major pizza trends of 2022:

#1 Creative Crusts on the Rise

Pizza veterans know that back in the day the only options for crust were ‘thick’ or ‘thin’. Those days are long behind us, and in 2022 customers are interested in crusts made from a more diverse range of ingredients. From health concerns, to dietary restrictions, to taste preferences, people are gravitating towards new crusts for a variety of reasons. 

If you want to ensure you’re providing your customers with all the choices they want in the year 2022, consider adding the following unique crust options to your menu:

• Gluten-free

• Cauliflower

• Paleo-friendly 

• Stuffed

• Extra thin, flatbread-style

• Double-decker

As you start offering more options, you’ll also need a POS that can handle custom orders. Thankfully, Adora is designed to make sending unique orders to the kitchen a breeze. 

#2 Technology is Taking Pizza to New Heights—Literally 

Pizza operators have been making the most of new technology for years, but in 2022 the restaurant technology boom is more important than ever. Delivery and take-out operations are still on the rise, and pizzerias are taking advantage of innovative tech that makes the experience better for both the restaurant and the customer. 

Robots, self-service kiosks, AI-powered kitchens, and even drones are all being used to speed up operations and act as an extra set of hands.

While Adora can’t fly your pies to your customers, we can help your business implement modern technology solutions that will make your restaurant run more efficiently. From QR codes, to premier driver tracking capabilities, to offering an entirely cloud-based platform, we always ensure our features stay ahead of the curve. 

#3 The Pineapple Debate Rages On

The age-old question regarding whether or not pineapple belongs on pizza is nothing new. However, in 2022 it’s looking like we might be close to settling the debate once and for all. Pineapple is an increasingly popular topping on pizza in 2022, and more and more people are coming around to the idea that this tropical fruit and pizza can be a match made in heaven. 

If your customers can’t agree on which side of the argument they’re on, don’t worry—Adora lets you add toppings to half pies with ease!  

#4 Some People are Saying Goodbye to the Slice

One of the most interesting developments in the pizza world is the emergence of the ‘pizza cone’. As the name suggests, this new variety of pizza is exactly what it sounds like—a cone shaped crust filled with the usual suspects (sauce, cheese, meat, veggies, etc.).

Why are people going crazy for pizza cones? It’s all about engineering. The conical shape allows you to add more toppings, and they won’t slide off like they do on a traditional slice. Plus, pizza cones are perfect for taking on-the-go in todays’ fast-paced world.  

#5 Contactless Payments Continue to Dominate

It’s no secret that contactless payments exploded in popularity as a result of the pandemic. As time has gone on, going contactless has become standard practice. 

Not only does Adora support totally contactless payments, but it also lets customers split the tab, pay by item, or use multiple payment methods. This ensures that your guests will never feel uncomfortable or limited when it’s time to pay, and that your staff won’t fall into the weeds due to accommodating complicated payments.

Take a look at a few other ways Adora helps your customers pay in 2022:

• Safe, secure, and adjustable EMV enabled and PCI certified payments 

• Receipts can be emailed or printed

• Self-serve kiosks can take payments directly 

Adora Helps You Keep Up with the Times

Even if you’re a pizza traditionalist at heart, using a modern POS system like Adora will help your restaurant run more smoothly. If you want to start serving up pizza cones, keto-friendly crusts, or pineapple on every pie, we’re here to help! 

Adora is the only POS that was designed by pizza operators, for pizza operators. This means we aren’t strangers to adjusting, pivoting, and keeping up with the times—and our goal is to help you do the same! 

Schedule a demo to see how Adora’s innovative features can make 2022 your pizzeria’s best year yet!