8 Ways Adora POS Will Make Your Employees' Lives Easier

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8 Ways Adora POS Will Make Your Employees' Lives Easier

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8 Ways Adora POS Will Make Your Employees’ Lives Easier

If there’s one thing hospitality workers can all agree on, it’s that this business isn’t easy. Between managing a busy dining room, staying on top of incoming delivery orders, and putting a smile on guests’ faces, there’s a lot to stay on top of. At the heart of every restaurant is a POS, which is why it’s essential to choose a system that makes your employees’ lives easier.

Read on to find out how Adora can help your crew take on the challenges of the restaurant world with ease:

1. Fewer Clicks, Fewer Mistakes

Anyone who’s ever worked in a restaurant knows that every second counts. When your dining room is full, your front of house staff doesn’t have time to waste with needless clicks and extra steps as they’re putting orders into the POS. Adora was designed by industry experts, so we made efficiency our top priority.

Our user interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, so your employees won’t be bogged down by a clunky platform that functions like it was programmed decades ago. Adora is a modern system that cuts down on clicks, saves time, and prevents headaches for your cashiers and drivers (not to mention the people receiving the tickets in the kitchen).

2. Scheduling Made Simple

The schedule can seem like a jigsaw puzzle, and putting it together can be a nightmare. Between managing your staff’s availability, accommodating time-off requests, and ensuring you have the right number of team members on board for each shift, it’s a big undertaking.

From a managerial standpoint, Adora makes staffing easier with features like:

  • Daily and weekly scheduling options
  • The ability to seamlessly transfer schedules from week to week
  • Data-driven projections that allow you to know how much staff you need based on previous sales and labor costs
  • A correct, fair, and accommodating schedule means your employees can trust your business, and strike a better work life balance.

3. Organized Tickets are a Ticket to Success

The tickets on the line are the bridge between what your customers want, and what your kitchen staff needs to crank out. Messy, hard-to-read tickets that are printed in various formats only add to the inevitable stress of a buzzing kitchen.

Adora streamlines in-house, online, and delivery orders alike with our kitchen display system. Say goodbye to kitchen chaos, and say hello to:

  • Automatic order prioritization
  • Production time reporting
  • The ability to see changes/updates
  • Consistent formatting across differing ordering platforms

4. Customization Won’t Put Them in the Weeds

Your staff knows that there’s a fine line between orders that make your guests happy, and orders that make their lives more difficult. With a POS that’s designed to handle custom orders, modifications, and specific requests, your staff won’t have to shudder when they get a complex order.

Plus, no one knows your restaurant’s needs better than you do—which is why our user interface is as customizable as your orders.

5. Add an Extra Set of (Digital) Hands

Even the best teams can always use a helping hand, which is why our self-serve kiosks can act as lifesavers for your staff. Not only does allowing customers to place their own orders reduce the likelihood of communication errors, but it also allows your staff to focus on other aspects of your restaurant’s operation.

6. No More Credit Card ‘Slip-Ups’

Even the most seasoned server loses a credit card slip from time to time. If you’re still using paper receipts, you’re setting yourself up for an administrative hassle, and you’re risking your staff’s hard-earned tips. Not to mention, sometimes it’s difficult to read handwritten totals, which means you could accidentally charge someone the wrong amount.

Our electronic payment system lets guests digitally sign their checks, and then have their receipt emailed directly (or printed, if they prefer).

7. Tip Pooling that Doesn’t Require a Math Degree

No one likes complicated, unnecessary math. At least, no one we know—and we imagine your staff feels the same way! Calculating a tip pool is tedious, and one wrong decimal point or digit can throw off the entire process. Adora saves whoever is in charge of calculating the tip pool from spending precious time at the end of the night crunching numbers. Our automatic system divides the money for you—evenly or by position.

8. Happy Customers Makes Employees’ Jobs Easier

When your kitchen is running like a well-oiled machine, the restaurant is cruising through service, and delivery and pick-up orders are going smoothly, your customers will notice—and their gratitude will be felt throughout the entire restaurant. At the end of the day, restaurant jobs are all about making people happy, so your staff’s lives will be significantly easier when they’re set up for success.

At Adora, Our Job is to Make Everyone’s Job Easier

When we created Adora, we set out to design a system that would make restaurants more efficient—and that would take some of the stress out of the restaurant business. From managers, to cashiers to kitchen managers, to delivery personnel, our system means everyone can breathe a big sigh of relief.

Schedule a demo to see how our cloud-based, state-of-the-art system can make your team stronger (and less stressed!).