Why is it Time to Upgrade Your Restaurant Software?

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Why is it Time to Upgrade Your Restaurant Software?

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Point of Sales (POS) systems have been essential for commercial businesses for years now; what was originally just a mechanical cash register has now been replaced with electronic registers, computer systems, or mobile apps. Older software and hardware aren’t capable of dealing with the changes that have come to the restaurant industry due to lockdowns or other pandemic restrictions that ensure the safety of staff and customers. So, why is it time to upgrade the software for restaurants?

Needs Have Evolved

The needs for your restaurant have changed over time, especially when you are looking for software for restaurant management and sales management. In the last year, it has become very obvious that more contactless options need to be available from restaurant owners when it comes to a lot of aspects of the ordering process. Key features needed today include:

●  Contactless Ordering and Payments

●  Text Communication Options with Customers

●  Quick and Easy Menu Management

●  Reduced Reliance on Proprietary Hardware, more Options

●  Options for Quality Customer Support

Contactless Ordering and Payments

For restaurants that still have indoor service, a better software for restaurant management has been needed in the last year to share menus without needing to constantly sanitize them. Contactless ordering through QR scanning became commonplace—that is, scanning a QR code to load a pdf menu onto a customer’s phone so they can continue their normal ordering process with a waiter. With an upgraded POS system that has QR code ordering built in, your wait staff can focus on giving your customers the best experience they can, and customers can order and pay as they need to. Another added benefit is that your customers get the same experience in ordering, whether they do it sitting down, for curbside pick up, or delivery; this means they are assured the same level of quality every time.

Text Communications

While text communication isn’t very important for software for restaurant management when it comes to sit-down service, it’s a key aspect needed for curbside pickup or delivery methods. If your customers have ordered for curbside, they will want an easy way to inform you that they are outside, ready for picking up their food, and a text message is quicker than a phone call. As well, text communications can be good for getting status updates for delivery orders if you don’t have a dedicated mobile app.

Reduced Dependence on Proprietary Hardware

Older restaurant POS systems that came with whole business systems always used some form of proprietary hardware, which means, whenever you need support, you have to go back to them for it, and sometimes at a premium cost. With more modern, cloud-based mobile software for restaurant management, you can now throw out proprietary systems and instead use any phone, tablet, or computer to manage your whole restaurant, reducing costs for bulky hardware in a time when cost cutting is essential.

Overall Restaurant Experience

With a well-built software for restaurant management, your POS system can quickly adapt and also provide support for customers. Being able to change the menu on the fly is a great feature for a restaurant that may have limited supply of certain foods, and you can ensure something is taken off the menu if it’s not available suddenly, meaning what a customer orders is what they get. As well, customer service is essential to a good restaurant experience, and if there is a complaint, having the ability to take in that complaint and offer support is key to continued customer relations.

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