How Adora POS is Credit Card Agnostic

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How Adora POS is Credit Card Agnostic

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How Adora POS is Credit Card Agnostic

If you own a restaurant, you need a way to run credit cards. What many business owners don’t realize is, signing up for a traditional POS system also means signing up for sky-high credit card fees that are tied directly to the platform. While these POS companies may look affordable, they more than make up for their low start-up costs by forcing you to use their credit card system. 

We don’t believe in chaining you to a card processor. At Adora, we’re credit card agnostic. 

So, what exactly does being credit card agnostic mean, and how can it benefit your business? Let’s take a look:

Freedom to Shop Around

You wouldn’t buy a new walk-in fridge without comparing prices first, so why should your credit card system be any different? Adora allows you to choose your own credit card processor, which means you can compare different pricing structures to find one that aligns with your budget.

If you’re considering going with a large POS company, just remember—you’re committing to their fee structure, no matter how much they decide to charge. Unlike big box POS companies, we don’t care what credit card processor you choose. In fact, Adora encourages you to shop around to find a great price!

What You See is What You Pay

We’re the first to say it—Adora’s start-up costs are higher than some companies. However, in the long run, our transparent pricing structure actually saves you money. At Adora, we’re not offering a low introductory price just to gauge you with credit card fees later. Our prices are upfront, and reflect the total picture, so you won’t have to worry about unpleasant financial surprises down the line. 

Let’s Do Some Quick Math 

How much can an independent credit card system really save you? Let’s break it down by comparing the fees associated with big box POS companies versus those associated with independent credit card processors:

  • Toast (big box) = $0.15 per credit card swipe
  • Heartland (independent) = $0.04 per credit card swipe

Though a $0.09 difference may not seem significant at first glance, when you scale that to take the thousands of transactions your business does in a month into consideration, the difference is astounding. 

Add that to the fact that Toast charges an additional fee of about 3.5% of total sales, and Heartland only charges 2.5%, and the potential savings becomes crystal clear. 

At Adora, We Want You to Make Money

A credit card agnostic POS respects your ability to choose a system that works for your budget, business model, and preferences. With most companies, the more money you make, the more money you’re forced to hand over. At Adora, we’re on your side, and we want your business to prosper! We know that restaurants operate on razor-thin margins, and we’re not here to put additional strain on your finances with hefty credit card fees. Plus, we believe in being transparent and honest at every step of the process—and we’re always there to help. 

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