What are the Benefits of a Kitchen Display System?

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What are the Benefits of a Kitchen Display System?

KDS System

When you operate a busy restaurant, the kitchen can be chaotic. Using paper order slips is a thing of the past. There is a better way to manage orders in the kitchen.  A KDS system has all the features you need to keep your kitchen running smoothly. It is cost-effective and will improve efficiency in your restaurant. With the opportunity for multiple setups throughout the restaurant, orders are accessible from every station. Everyone in your restaurant from staff to customers will benefit.

What is a KDS System?

KDS stands for kitchen display system.¬† They are an evolution in kitchen technology.¬† You can manage your kitchen easier with customizable displays, menus, and order screens. Manual input is error-prone, but with Adora’s KDS System, every order is accurate as put in by the customer. Our kitchen display system includes flat-screen monitors that display information in one or more locations in the kitchen. This is great for high-volume restaurants, so each station has its own screen. There are a variety of benefits including accuracy, efficiency, and improved customer service.¬†



No more paper tickets or trying to read someone’s handwriting. Kitchen staff doesn’t need to wait for paper tickets to arrive and can begin prepping as soon as the order is input.¬†


Staff can optimize workflow and be sure every order is accurate and on time. Staff can start prepping quicker, and with multiple displays, each station will have its own order screen. No more losing paper tickets or calling out orders. 

Better customer service

By eliminating the need to pass on paper tickets, front-of-house staff can focus on what’s important: the customer. They can tend tables and deliver better customer service.

Multiple locations

With the ability to have multiple screens, each station can have its own screen: grill, fryer, and prep. This ensures better accuracy, and your kitchen will run smoother and more efficiently. 

Easy to manage and customize 

Each KDS System is customizable and easy to manage. Create custom screens and menus for patrons and staff. Orders can be modified easily, and staff can access customer information to ensure accuracy. 

How Does it Work?

Our innovative system is easy to use. With multiple display stations throughout your restaurant, each order is automatically routed to the proper station.  Servers can easily access customer information and make order changes if necessary.  It will prioritize certain dishes or group orders to maximize efficiency and accuracy.  

The Best System for Your Kitchen

Installing a KDS system in your restaurant will improve order accuracy and efficiency. Your kitchen will run smoother, and each station can have its own order screen. This ensures that every member of the kitchen gets the right order by maximizing efficiency and optimizing workflow. No matter what kind of restaurant you run, everyone will benefit from a kitchen display system. It is beneficial for restaurants, bars, dark kitchens, and barista stations.

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