KDS System

If you own or operate a busy restaurant—or a thriving chain of restaurants—you know that things can get hectic in the kitchen. Gone are the days where you can handle everything on paper. You need a better way to manage your kitchen smoothly, with the help of modern technology like a kitchen display system. Adora’s KDS system helps you improve efficiency and overhead costs, helping you provide better service to your patrons, all while increasing your overall bottom line.

Digital KDS Systems for Restaurants

A digital KDS is the next evolution in restaurant management, helping you eliminate time-consuming, error-prone manual organization. With a digital KDS restaurant system, all possible pain points are taken out of the equation, allowing you to deliver better service to your patrons while boosting revenue.

A KDS system includes flat screen monitors in the kitchen that display information, possibly in more locations depending on the volume of orders you have and the configuration of your kitchen. KDS screens can include features like touchscreen displays and keypads, and since they’re hardware-independent, you can run your KDS system on any touchscreen you want, like mobile tablets.

How does a KDS system work? Adora’s innovative solution is easy to use. It routes orders to the proper kitchen station for maximum efficiency. For example, if your restaurant invests in multiple displays, orders can be routed to the fry station, grill, barista station or anywhere else. Servers can easily access orders and customer information, making immediate changes to orders if necessary. The KDS even prioritizes dishes automatically and groups orders, maximizing the efficiency of your kitchen and helping you get customer orders onto their tables in record time, with no errors.

So, what benefits can a digital KDS system bring to your busy restaurant?

  • Better order accuracy. When you invest in a KDS system, you can say goodbye to old-fashioned paper tickets for good. Now, you can reduce order errors by eliminating handwritten or printed tickets that can easily be misplaced.
  • Improve service speed and efficiency. Your digital KDS tracks the time it takes to prepare every order. By checking the display system, kitchen staff can use the KDS to start prepping orders quicker, without needing to wait for front-of-house staff to physically deliver order tickets. With real-time oversight of every order, the kitchen can optimize their workflow to ensure every order is ready on time.
  • Better customer service. With a digital KDS, front-of-house staff no longer need to pass orders to the kitchen manually. That frees up more time for them to tend to tables, delivering a better customer experience.

What restaurants can benefit from a digital KDS? No matter what type of food and drink you serve, a KDS can optimize your workflows, allowing your staff to provide better, more efficient service that leads to a better customer experience. A KDS is suitable for:

  • Restaurants
  • Dark kitchens
  • Bar dispensing
  • Barista stations
  • QSR
  • And more!

Upgrade Your Restaurant to a KDS Restaurant and Better-Serve Your Customers!

Whether you’re starting a new restaurant from scratch, or your workflows are in need of a major overhaul, there are so many benefits that come when you upgrade to Adora’s digital KDS system for restaurants. KDS systems maximize efficiency in your kitchen, helping you provide quicker, error-free service to your hungry patrons. Reach out to the Adora team today to learn more about our customizable KDS systems and how they can take your business to the next level!

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