The Checklist for Buying a Pizza POS

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The Checklist for Buying a Pizza POS

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The Checklist for Buying a Pizza POS

One of the most important decisions you make as a pizza owner is which POS system to use. There are more options on the market than ever, and choosing one can feel overwhelming—especially when most companies aren’t upfront about their features or pricing structures.

At Adora, we’re here to make your life easier, which is why we’ve created a handy checklist you can refer to when the time comes to make a decision. Take a look at what you should pay close attention to when you’re buying a pizza POS:

Cloud-Based = Freedom & Flexibility

Being tied down is the last thing you want as a busy owner. Choosing a POS that provides you with the freedom and flexibility to access your system from anywhere (on any device) is crucial for setting your pizza business up for success.

Cloud-based POS systems like Adora save you from having to run to the restaurant every time you want to see sales, inventory, or modify menu items. Plus, you won’t have to worry about your system crashing. As long as you’re connected to the internet, you’re connected to everything that’s happening at your pizza restaurant—wherever you are.

A System Designed with Pizza in Mind

Any POS can send orders to the kitchen, but not every POS is designed specifically for handling pizza orders. Small details can make a big impact, which is why Adora was designed to accommodate things like:

● Half-pie orders
● Unlimited toppings
● Coupons, specials, and advertisements
● A user interface designed to cut down on clicks

Delivery-Focused Features

If you’re serving pizza, delivery and take-out most likely account for a significant portion of your revenue. That being said, it’s essential to choose a POS like Adora that makes delivery operations as easy as pizza pie.

Adora’s delivery-focused system gives you access to invaluable features like:

● Zero third-party delivery fees
● Customizable delivery zones
● Real-time driver tracking
● Google Map integration
● Color coded order timing, order routing, and order grouping

The best part is, Adora makes it extremely easy for customers to order online, so nothing will stand between them and your pies. Online and delivery orders act as their own native POS, and print directly to the kitchen, so your team will never feel frustrated by disorganized tickets again.

Unlimited Growth Potential

You never know where the pizza business will take you. Even if you’re currently only operating one store, it’s wise to choose a POS that can scale with you as your business grows. Adora works just as well for national franchises as it does for mom-and-pop pizzerias, so you can feel confident that they sky’s the limit for your business.

Pricing that Makes Sense for Pizza

If you’ve ever looked into purchasing a POS, you know that most companies don’t make it easy to get a true handle on how much it’s going to really cost. From complicated pricing structures, to credit card processing fees, to hidden upcharges, it can feel like shopping in the dark.

At Adora, our goal is to help pizza businesses succeed, which is why we’re transparent, honest, and fair about our pricing. Adora gives you the freedom to choose your own credit card processing system, so you can pick an option that makes sense for your business and budget.

Since pizzerias tend to be high-volume—and process such a large number of orders a day—being able to use your own credit card payment system will save you significant dough in the long-run.

Adora Checks All the (Pizza) Boxes

Running a pizza business is specialized, and truly unlike any other sector of the hospitality industry. This means it’s incredibly important to pick a POS system accordingly. Adora is the only system that was designed by pizza experts, for pizza experts.

We combine the most modern, forward thinking technology with the practical knowledge our founders gained in their own pizza careers. The result is that we’re able to provide a platform that will make any pizza business run more efficiently.