6 Tips for Choosing the Right POS Software

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6 Tips for Choosing the Right POS Software

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As a restaurant owner, choosing a POS system can be overwhelming. Your POS is the bread and butter of your business, and the market is flooded with options that range dramatically in price, scope, and features. That said, selecting software that’s the best fit for your concept can also be exciting! Whether you’re opening your doors for the first time, or making a few much-needed upgrades, your POS can make your life infinitely easier—if you choose wisely.

At Adora POS, we’re committed to helping your business succeed, so let’s take a look at our top six tips for choosing the right POS software: 

  1. Look Beyond the Sticker Price 

If you’ve ever tried to figure out the prices of a traditional POS system, you’ve probably noticed that most companies aren’t very transparent when it comes to disclosing their true costs. This isn’t an accident—most systems are rife with hidden expenses, fees, and complex pricing structures. As you begin researching your options, be sure to factor in:

  • Deceptive Start-Up Fees: Big-box companies often lure you in with low start-up costs, only to make you pay down the line. If the price tag seems too good to be true, it probably is. At Adora, honesty is one of our core values, so while our start-up costs may be higher, you’ll actually save money in the long run. 
  • Credit Card Fees: Most POS systems either force you to use their credit card processing system, or they limit which 3rd party systems you can integrate with their software. This means that the more money you make, the more money you have to hand over to your POS provider. Adora allows you to use whatever credit card processor makes the most sense for your business. 
  • Hardware: Hardware is expensive, and many POS systems force you to use their computers and tablets—regardless of what technology you already own. Since Adora is 100% cloud-based, you can use our software on whatever hardware you choose. We give you the freedom to access your data from your phone, iPad, or computer, so you can put the days of running into the store every time you need to check on something behind you. 

At Adora, we don’t believe in making you go on a wild goose chase just to see how much your system is going to cost. In fact, we give you a general idea of prices right on our website. You can also request a quick, simple quote so you can factor the exact cost of your POS into your budget. 

2. Think Long-Term

Your POS software is a long-term investment, meaning it’s essential to choose a system that’s designed to grow with your business. The last thing you want is to outgrow your technology platform, which is why Adora is designed to work as well for large franchises as it is for mom-and-pop operations. When choosing a POS, it can be helpful to consider these key questions:

  • Do I plan to open more locations in the future?
  • Do I plan to expand pick-up and delivery options?
  • Could my POS system withstand a major pivot?

3. Consider Customization 

Your business concept is unique, and the best way to let your originality shine is with a POS that allows for customization at every level. At Adora, we understand that you should be in control of everything from scheduling, to inventory, to the menu, which is why we don’t limit your creative control. 

No matter how many modifications you want to allow on every order, how frequently you want to offer coupons and discounts, or how often you want to add specials or promotions, Adora is as flexible as you are. 

4. Support is Essential

The restaurant industry is all about teamwork, and it truly ‘takes a village’ to make your business successful. The necessity of building a solid support system isn’t limited to the people you work with—it also extends your entire technology suite. 

Adora’s system is extraordinarily user-friendly, so you won’t need to call us often. However, when you do need a helping hand, our premier customer support team is there 24/7, and can handle anything the unpredictable hospitality industry may throw at you.

We’ll help you set up your system and train you to make the most out of all our specialized features. Plus, all your data is stored in the cloud, so you’ll never have to worry about your system crashing or losing your precious data. 

5. Focus on Functionality

There’s more to think about when choosing a POS than just how to send orders to the kitchen. Restaurant technology has come leaps and bounds in recent years, and Adora is ahead of the curve in terms of offering the most useful and efficient functionalities—for a variety of business models. Take a look at some of our key features:

  • Enterprise Management
  • Consolidated dashboards and reporting
  • Multi-store order search
  • Easy-to-use coupons and discount codes
  • Online orders that print directly to the kitchen
  • State-of-the-art delivery management
  • QR code capability

6. A Day in the Life

Being a business owner means wearing many hats. One minute you’re scheduling staff, and the next you’re dealing with ordering ingredients. One week might be dedicated to revamping the menu, and the next may be spent handling a pipe bursting or a broken walk-in. The point is, you have a lot on your plate. The best way to ensure your POS software takes some of the weight off of your shoulders is by thinking through what any given day in your life might look like, and then considering how your POS could make those tasks easier. 

We’ll Help Make the Choice Easier

No matter how much research you do, the best way to understand if a POS system is right for your restaurant is to experience it yourself. To get an in-depth look at everything Adora has to offer, request a free quote today. We’ll take you through everything you need to know about our premier cloud-based system, and help you decide which features can help your business succeed. 

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