How to Cut Costs Using Point of Sales Systems

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How to Cut Costs Using Point of Sales Systems

Point of Sales Systems

With rising costs and other pressures, making money in hospitality has never been more challenging. It means that every dollar counts, and more restauranteurs are looking for ways to save money. One way that many are discovering to pinch pennies are point of sales systems.

Today, we look at a few of the ways the right point of sales systems are saving people money in their operations, and how the right one can help you run a more efficient business.

Avoid 3rd Party Delivery Fees

Are you tired of the commissions and added costs of using third-party apps for delivery? With the right POS system, you can take control of every aspect of your delivery system, from getting the orders to prepping them in the kitchens to the delivery itself.

By avoiding all those delivery fees, you can save money, price more competitively, and ensure better margins on every order going out of your door. Rather than absorbing unreasonable added fees, the right POS system can help you save money instead.

Funnel your customers into marketing efforts

Today’s cloud-based point of sales systems does more than simply organize orders. They can help you better connect with your customers to aid in your marketing campaigns. With the right system, you can collect email addresses to start campaigns for ways to get them back in the door. These campaigns can be used to send them news of promotions, exclusive coupons and more.

Speaking of coupons, your POS system can also help you deliver, track and execute coupon campaigns throughout your operation, including at different locations. Smart tracking of these coupons can help you better understand your marketing efforts and conversions while saving time and money.

Save on your receipts

Imagine a world where all your paper receipts are gone. Instead, they are on a simple-to-navigate, browser-based system that automatically tallies and organizes them. Not only does this help you cut costs on printer ink, it also saves you time having to do all that manual data entry.

Combat loss prevention

In restaurants, things can seem to go missing with alarming regularity. This is especially true with poor inventory management, which can cause items, small and large, to slip through the cracks. Even with regular inventory checks, things can be long gone before they’re logged as missing.

Many of today’s point of sales systems act as inventory management systems as well, letting you organize, track and maintain your inventory with real-time data. That means much less time and labor spent doing manual inventory checks and more automation available to keep things at the right levels.

A new generation of point of sales systems 

The Adora POS system is part of a new generation of point of sales systems. Using the latest in cloud and data management technology, our system lets you run a more efficient business, explore new opportunities and improve the customer experience. Contact our team today for a free product demo and to learn more about how our system can transform your business.

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