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Less is More

Pizza POS Systems

Something happened during the last two years…pizzerias slimmed down their menu offerings. Most upper management thought this would only be a temporary decision, but since then, over 60% have reported they don’t intend to re-expand their menu to what it was before.

Why the change of heart? Because sales haven’t decreased due to a smaller menu and food waste is less than ever before. A smaller menu allows you to perfect the items your restaurant is known for and makes managing inventory a breeze.

The majority of pizzeria sales come from the regulars that return time and time again. Regular patrons usually order the same items week after week. This is the customer base that you should be catering the menu to. It’s silly to have that weird, anchovy pizza on your menu when you only sell it once a year. If it’s not increasing your sales, it’s better to 86 it off the menu. 

Having a slimmed-down menu is also much better from a visual standpoint for your customers. Some menus can be overwhelming for a customer to look at with all of the options available. With most orders being made on a cell phone these days, scrolling through an extensive menu to order a basic pepperoni pizza can be frustrating. Your customers expect everything to be simple and streamlined for efficiency. 

It’s time to take a good look at your menu offerings and trim some of the fat off. It will simplify your employees’ jobs, make your customer’s ordering experience more straightforward, and reduce food waste. That’s a win-win-win.

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