Advice by the Slice – Remove Buying Barriers from Online Ordering

Unlock Seamless Online Ordering with Adora POS! Say goodbye to buying barriers that frustrate your customers. Discover a streamlined process where basic information is saved, favorite orders are a click away, and loyalty is rewarded. Experience simplicity. Schedule your Adora demo today!

Why Adora POS is the Fastest System for Employee Onboarding

Discover how our user-friendly interface, seamless integrations, real-time inventory insights, and streamlined menu updates can significantly reduce training time and boost efficiency. Say goodbye to lengthy training sessions and hello to a faster, more efficient onboarding process. Join us and experience the Adora POS advantage today.

5 Tips for Training Staff on Adora POS: Get Started in Under an Hour

Streamline onboarding in under an hour by emphasizing hands-on experience, focusing on core functions, and creating a flexible training schedule. Encourage feedback from your team and leverage Adora’s robust customer support for a smooth learning curve. Equip your staff with confidence, explore essential POS functions, and optimize customer service. Read now and schedule a demo to experience Adora POS firsthand

The Quick and Easy Guide to Delivery with Adora POS

Discover the ultimate guide to streamlining your pizzeria’s delivery operations with Adora POS. Dive into seamless integration with top delivery apps, synchronized driver tracking, precise delivery zones, and Google Maps integration. Elevate your delivery game effortlessly. Schedule a demo today!

3 Must See Booths at Pizza & Pasta NorthEast

Explore the must-see booths at the Pizza & Pasta Expo in Atlantic City. Dive into a world of delectable offerings, trends, and innovations in the pizza and pasta industry. Discover Foremost Farms’ premium cheese selection, Lloyd Pans’ top-quality kitchen equipment, and Mike’s Hot Honey for a mouthwatering pizza topping. Don’t miss this pizza lover’s paradise and networking opportunity. Get ready for a slice of pizza and pasta heaven!

Advice by The Slice – Is it Time For a Remodel?

Discover the benefits of remodeling your pizzeria in this ‘Advice by The Slice’ edition. Learn how a fresh, inviting atmosphere can keep customers coming back and make your restaurant more competitive. Find out how a remodel can increase the value of your establishment, attracting potential investors. Elevate your pizza restaurant game with this bite-sized wisdom. Is it time for your pizzeria to get a fresh twist?

3 Types of Delivery: What’s The Best Fit For Your Pizzeria

Explore pizza delivery options for your pizzeria in this blog. We delve into three primary methods: Third-Party Delivery Services offer reach and convenience but come with fees and loss of control. Self-Delivery provides quality control and cost savings but requires managing your team. The Hybrid Model combines both for extended reach and cost control. Learn how to choose the right fit based on factors like location, budget, and customer preferences. Adora POS can help streamline your delivery process – schedule a demo today to discover more!

3 Must Try Slices at One Bite Pizza Fest

Join us at Dave Portnoy’s One Bite Pizza Festival! Experience the ultimate pizza celebration featuring pizzerias from all over The Boroughs. Indulge in the irresistible scent of freshly baked pizza, savor cold beverages, and groove to live music. Discover three must-see pizzerias, including Luigi’s Pizza, Angeloni’s, and Ace’s Pizza, each with its unique flavors and stories. It’s not just an event; it’s a pizza lover’s paradise.