3 Must See Booths at the 2024 International Pizza Expo

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3 Must See Booths at the 2024 International Pizza Expo

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Welcome to the International Pizza Expo! We’ve been looking forward to this event all year.  There is so much to see over the next three days; it can be overwhelming. While you will most definitely want to walk around and explore the booths as much as you can, here are our top 3 picks of booths you certainly don’t want to miss. Enjoy the show!

Epicurean Butter: Booth #2163

One booth not to be overlooked at the Pizza Expo is that of Epicurean Butter, the culinary artist’s secret weapon. Renowned for transforming simple dishes into gourmet experiences, Epicurean Butter offers a range of high-quality, chef-created flavored butter that seamlessly blend with any pizza recipe. Whether it’s their savory Roasted Garlic Herb Butter or the decadently unique Black Truffle Butter, each variant is crafted to enhance your pizza’s taste profile. Ideal for pizzerias aiming to elevate their menu offerings, Epicurean Butter promises an effortless infusion of flavor, making every bite an indulgent journey. 

Visiting the Epicurean Butter booth provides an opportunity to discover how their versatile, no-fuss kitchen staples can make everything from your classic pepperoni pizza to breadsticks a whole new experience. 

Dirty Cookie: Booth #1554

Don’t miss The Dirty Cookie booth at the Expo, where dessert innovation meets traditional treats. Renowned for their unique cookie shotsā€”edible cookie glasses lined with luxurious chocolateā€”these delights offer an imaginative twist to the conventional dessert menu. Ideal for pizzerias eager to surprise and engage their customers, these cookie shots can be filled with your choice of milk, cream, or liqueurs, making every dining experience memorable. 

Explore how The Dirty Cookie can elevate your dessert offerings, ensuring your pizzeria stands out with this creatively sweet finish. Visit their booth to transform your menu with these delectable, conversation-starting treats.

 Adora POS: Booth #2957 

At the forefront of innovation, Adora POS is a beacon for pizzerias and franchises seeking cutting-edge technology to streamline operations. Known for its robust and intuitive solutions, Adora POS combines Front of House, Back of House, and Multi-Store management into a seamless experience. Hereā€™s why you canā€™t miss our booth:

Forecast Scheduling: Discover how to optimize staffing with predictive analytics, ensuring you’re never over or understaffed again. This tool is a game-changer for managing labor costs effectively while boosting customer satisfaction.

Inventory Management: Adora POS’s inventory management feature offers real-time tracking, automatic replenishment alerts, and detailed reporting. It optimizes stock levels, reduces waste, and ensures ingredients are always available for menu items, enhancing operational efficiency.

Comprehensive Back of House Features: Explore how to enhance kitchen efficiency with streamlined order management and real-time inventory tracking. Adora POS ensures your kitchen runs like a well-oiled machine, reducing waste and increasing profitability.

Visiting the Adora POS booth is an opportunity to witness firsthand how integrated technology can transform your pizzeria’s operations and marketing efforts, positioning your business for unprecedented growth. 

As you mingle around this year’s International Pizza Expo, we hope our curated selection of booths has given you some fresh ideas and inspiration. From the unparalleled flavor enhancements offered by Epicurean Butter, and the delightful dessert innovations of The Dirty Cookie, to the operational revolution Adora POS brings, these exhibitors exemplify the spirit of innovation and excellence that drives our industry forward. 

We encourage you to carry the inspiration and insights gained here into your pizzerias and franchises, transforming not just your menus and operations, but the very experiences you offer your customers. Until next year, may your pizzas be delicious, your operations seamless, and your business thriving. Enjoy the rest of the show and the journey ahead!

Notable Mentions:

La Nova Booth #2657 is a great spot to grab some wings and listen to fun music Check out their website here.

Mikeā€™s Hot Honey Booth #3440 is an awesome product to add to any pizzeria. Swing by to test it for yourself. Check out their website here

California Milk Advisory Board Booth #2585 Contrary to the name, this is an exciting booth with some of the best samples at the show. Swing by for a tasty treat! Check out their website here.

Amoroso’s Baking Co. Booth #1607 Are you a fan of Philly Cheesesteaks? Swing by this booth for delicious samples of these iconic sandwiches. Check out their website here

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