Third Party Delivery Done the Right Way

Discover how Adora POS tackles the challenges of third-party delivery integration for pizzerias. Our latest blog, “Third Party Delivery Done the Right Way,” highlights the pain points of using apps like DoorDash, GrubHub, and UberEats with traditional POS systems and showcases how Adora POS offers seamless plug-and-play integrations to streamline operations, reduce errors, and enhance customer satisfaction. Learn about our advanced features, including a driver delivery app and Adora Cloud for marketing automation. Schedule a demo today to see how Adora POS can revolutionize your pizzeria!

Maximize Efficiency: Consider Changing Your POS Provider in 2024

Maximize efficiency and stay competitive in 2024 by upgrading your POS provider. Discover how Adora POS can revolutionize your pizza chain with features like delivery management, rapid employee training, seamless integrations, automated marketing solutions, and data-driven decision-making. Learn more about why switching to Adora POS could be the best decision for your business this year.

5 Ways Adora Cloud Can Upgrade Your Email Marketing Strategy

Boost your email marketing strategy with Adora Cloud! Discover 5 transformative ways our new marketing suite enhances your campaigns: personalized emails, customizable templates, optimal scheduling, integrated surveys, and location-based offers. Elevate engagement and drive sales with Adora Cloud’s powerful features. Read more and schedule a demo today!

Struggling to Engage Customers? See How Adora’s Automated Text Marketing Can Transform Your Outreach

Struggling to connect with your customers? Discover how Adora Cloud’s Automated Text Marketing can transform your outreach. Text marketing is a direct, personal, and effective way to reach your audience with timely promotions and updates. Adora Cloud’s feature allows pizza franchises to send personalized messages, schedule campaigns, and link directly to online ordering portals. This powerful tool enhances engagement, boosts sales, and fosters customer loyalty. Learn how Adora Cloud can streamline your digital marketing and elevate your pizzeria’s success.

Worried About Rising Costs? Try Adora POS’s Labor Forecasting

Struggling with rising labor costs? Discover how Adora POS’s Labor Forecasting feature can help your pizza franchise optimize staffing, reduce waste, and enhance profitability. Using advanced predictive analytics, our tool ensures precise staffing decisions based on past data and sales goals, minimizing both understaffing and overstaffing. Our Forecast Scheduling tool breaks down staff needs into 15-minute intervals for peak performance, while the Forecast Scheduling Builder automates the process for smart, error-free scheduling. Elevate your business and manage labor costs effectively with Adora POS.

Adora POS: Tailored for Pizzeria Success

Discover how Adora POS is revolutionizing the pizza industry with tailored solutions for pizzerias. From meeting face-to-face with owners at the International Pizza Expo to addressing unique challenges with customized, comprehensive POS features, Adora ensures your pizzeria never falls behind. Dive into our blog to explore how Adora’s intuitive order entry system, robust inventory management, and innovative Adora Cloud marketing suite can eliminate operational headaches and boost sales. Learn why switching to Adora POS means saying goodbye to generic solutions and hello to growth and success. Schedule your free demo today and start transforming your pizzeria’s future.

Adora Customer Support Never Leaves You on Read

Discover the unparalleled support Adora offers to pizza franchises with our US-based, 24/7 customer service. Our blog highlights how Adora ensures minimal downtime with a 90% one-call resolution rate and an average wait time of just over one minute. Dive into the value of local support, tailored to the unique challenges of the American pizza industry, and explore how Adora’s POS features optimize operations, ensuring your pizza business thrives. Join us to learn why Adora is more than just a provider; we’re a dedicated partner in your success. Schedule a free demo today!

3 Must See Booths at the 2024 International Pizza Expo

Dive into the heart of pizza innovation at the 2024 International Pizza Expo with our guide to must-see booths including Epicurean Butter, Dirty Cookie, and Adora POS. Discover cutting-edge flavors, unique dessert options, and transformative operational tech to elevate your pizzeria experience. Join us for a journey of culinary and technological exploration that will redefine your menu and streamline your operations.

Pizza Franchise Excellence: Combine Tradition with Technology

Discover how blending tradition with cutting-edge technology can revolutionize your pizza franchise. Explore the journey from artisanal craft to digital efficiency with Adora POS, ensuring your beloved pizza-making traditions enhance operational excellence and customer satisfaction. Join us in redefining pizza franchise success by marrying the best of both worlds.