Seasonal Slices: Strategies for Successful Pizza Holiday Promotions

Spice up your pizzeria’s holiday sales with Seasonal Slices! Discover festive flavor features, gift card galore, Santa’s Slice Special, and the 12 Days of Pizza Deals. Engage your community with joyous initiatives. Keep it festive, fun, and flavorful for a season of merry pizzas! Happy holidays from your pizza family!

3 Must See Booths at the Pizza Tomorrow Summit 2023

🍕 Dive into Pizza Paradise at Pizza Tomorrow Summit 2023! Don’t miss Perfect Crust Booth #785 for crispy perfection, Mikes Hot Honey Booth #585 for fiery flavor adventures, and Adora POS #919, your gateway to seamless pizza point-of-sale excellence. Unforgettable tastes and tech await – join us! 🚀🔥

Case Study: How a Restaurant Can Cut Their Training Time by 50% with Adora POS

Delve into our case study revealing the secret to streamlined training: Adora POS. Experience intuitive smartphone-like learning, swift 15-min training sessions, and AI-powered guides. Effortless menu mastery and increased productivity await. Say goodbye to chaos, embrace transformation. Consult with Adora’s experts today!