5 Reasons Why Pizza Restaurants Need a Pizza POS

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5 Reasons Why Pizza Restaurants Need a Pizza POS

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5 Reasons Why Pizza Restaurants Need a Pizza POS

As a restaurant owner, you need a POS. More specifically, as a pizza restaurant owner, you need a system that’s optimized for your business. POS systems aren’t one-size-fits-all—you need a platform that’s designed to make cranking out delicious pies easier, more efficient, and ultimately more profitable. 

Take a look at the top five reasons choosing a POS that’s designed with pizza owners in mind can make a big impact: 

#1 Pizza Will Always Be the Ultimate Delivery Option

Since the onset of the pandemic, the delivery business has exploded. However, even though people are now ordering every type of food under the sun, pizza has always been the go-to option when it comes to delivery. This means it’s essential to choose a system that makes getting pies to your customers’ doors a breeze. 

Adora’s delivery interface is unmatched, with innovative features like: 

  • Google Maps integration 
  • A driver dispatch screen that includes color-coded order timing
  • The ability to track orders in real-time with our Driving Tracking App
  • Custom delivery zones, minimum order amounts, and delivery charges

Unlike some systems, our delivery management features are designed to handle high volume. We understand that delivery is the ‘bread and butter’ of many pizza businesses, so we designed a system that can handle the demands of a bustling pizzeria. 

#2 Customization is Important—Any Way You Slice It

Every restaurant is different, and while some sectors of the restaurant industry can get away with a ‘no substitutions’ policy, the pizza business usually isn’t one of them. Your diners want the freedom to have their pizza their way, which is why we make customizing orders stress-free for you and your staff. 

Adora can accommodate pizza-specific customizations—like half-pie changes—that other POS systems aren’t designed for. Plus, we give you total freedom to add unlimited toppings, and have complete control over every aspect of your menu. 

#3 Every Second Counts

The pizza business is fast-paced, and your POS needs to be able to keep up. Our system is user-friendly, and designed to cut down on clicks.  You can make as many changes, modifications, and requests as you need to without sacrificing speed and efficiency. Our self-serve kiosks also give diners the ability to order their own pies—exactly how they like them—while freeing your staff up to tackle other tasks.  

Adora also speeds up the payment process by allowing diners to pay on our app. Seamlessly splitting the check, paperless receipts, and even easy itemization are all realities with our hassle-free payment system. 

#4 Growth is as Easy as (Pizza) Pie

Pizza restaurants come in all shapes and sizes. Our system works just as well for single-store locations as it does for national franchises. You never want to feel limited by your technology, which is why we offer a scalable platform that’s perfectly suited for expansion and growth. With multi-store inventory access, chain-wide vendor lists, and multi-store order search, we’re the only POS that plans for the future as much as you do. 

#5 Online Orders Made Easy 

With some systems, online orders are clunky, and can slow down your entire operation. Adora is different, and we ensure online orders won’t bog your business down. Here’s how: 

  • Online orders print directly to the kitchen
  • Streamlined tickets that look exactly like in-house orders 
  • No third-party delivery fees
  • Bilingual, customer-facing online ordering capability

Online orders can act as a key revenue booster, so it’s essential to ensure your customers are never deterred by an outdated system. 

Adora is the Premier Pizza POS 

Adora was founded by pizza pros, so you can feel confident that we’re there for your business. We know the ins and outs of this dynamic industry, and every detail of Adora’s state-of-the-art system was created with pizza owners in mind. We also know how frustrating complex pricing structures can be, which is why we’re upfront, affordable, and fair.