Why You Should Upgrade Your Customer Loyalty Program

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Why You Should Upgrade Your Customer Loyalty Program

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Why You Should Upgrade Your Customer Loyalty Program

Customer loyalty programs are a brilliant way to keep your customers coming back repeatedly. No matter how small the award is, people psychologically love the idea of earning free stuff. 

As an avid pizza consumer, I can say with confidence that I’ve chosen one pizza chain over its competitor multiple times because I needed the extra few points to unlock a free item or even a reduced delivery fee. 

Most restaurants’ customer loyalty programs are too basic. They go with a punch card, where you buy ten pizzas over time, and you earn a free one. It’s not bad, and it’s certainly better than a pizzeria that offers nothing to its loyal customers.

Now imagine you, as the store owner, can customize the entire loyalty program, integrate with your onboard CRM, and get emails for every customer. That’s a bit better than a punch card right? 

Double points on Tuesdays? Done. Triple points on Superbowl Sunday? Easy. Free pizza on their birthday? No problem. You can make any day of the year special for your customers.

The beauty of a premium customer loyalty program, like the one Adora POS offers, is it’s easy, loved by customers, and makes you more money.

Why Customization is Key

Using a rewards program for returning customers is a hugely underutilized tool to increase your sales and keep customers coming back. 

The Customer Loyalty Program Adora developed isn’t a typical punch card method but instead an advanced system where customers earn points over time. You can even set different tiers for all the rewards you want to offer!

For example: 

When a customer reaches 300 points in their account, they can redeem for a free order of breadsticks, small pizza, or something else of equivalent value.

At 1,000 points, they could earn a medium pizza, a large order of wings, etc.

At 5,000,000,000 points, you could offer to close down the entire restaurant and throw a private party for this VERY loyal customer.

As the store or chain owner, you have complete control over the number of tiers, point values, and reward offerings. The sky’s the limit with these flexible options.

Double Points and Holiday Specials

The ability to offer double or even triple points on any occasion gives your pizzeria the flexibility to boost sales on your slow days or gain a larger market share during special events. 

One idea is to offer double points during happy hour, which can tend to be a slower part of the day for most restaurants.

With unlimited options for customizing reward points Adora’s loyalty program is also an incredibly powerful marketing asset.

The happier your customers are, the more they talk about your restaurant. As a result, your sales will continue to increase over time.

 A real win-win situation if you ask us.

Customer Loyalty Isn’t Just About Cashing in Rewards

While redeeming points for a free pizza or order of buffalo wings feels pretty good, getting a free reward on your birthday feels even better.

As a loyal customer, being given free birthday items is greatly appreciated. Many people will choose their birthday dinner around the restaurant that offers something free on their special day. With the Adora POS loyalty program, your customer’s birthday is attached to their account and you can make sure they know how much they’re appreciated by their favorite pizzeria.

Email Lists

Another benefit of offering a premium loyalty program is customers sign up with their email addresses. Email marketing is a powerful tool; the more potential customers you can reach with a monthly or weekly email marketing campaign, the better.

No one wants junk mail in their inbox, but when you are offering real benefits, people are more inclined to take a look at the email. With the flexibility of offering bonus points for specific days or holidays, you can send out simple emails letting your customers know of upcoming specials you are offering.

This is a straightforward way to market your restaurant for upcoming promotions like Superbowl Sunday, New Year’s Eve, or National Championships.

The more customers you can remind of your restaurant the better!

Make Sure Your Pizzeria is Using a Loyalty Program

There are many reasons to integrate a customer loyalty program in the restaurant and pizza industry. When customers feel appreciated they tend to return more regularly. When a customer finally earns a reward they become excited to return with their friends.

Having excited customers is easy money. Giving out a couple of free items can bring a great financial return, especially over time.

Loyalty programs will get you more data on your customers! Their email address is a valuable asset. Email marketing is inexpensive and can be hugely effective. Take advantage of every marketing opportunity available.

Sometimes when people are choosing between two different pizza restaurants, the deciding factor can be a loyalty program where they know they will be earning rewards. Every advantage to tip the scales in your favor can increase revenue. 

Let’s keep making money and selling those pies.