Best POS Systems for Bar

Own or operate a busy bar? Aside from hiring the right staff and serving a great product, you need the right systems in place to improve your workflow and speed up service. When it comes to the best POS systems for a bar, Adora is setting the bar—literally. Our cloud-based ePOS system keeps your happy hour fun and stress-free, for both your staff and your patrons. By implementing our easy-to-use POS solutions, your customers will feel the improvement in your service, so you can count on a seamless customer experience, every time.

Cloud-Based POS Systems for Bars

Adora’s innovative cloud-based POS system for bars goes beyond simply processing transactions—it includes unique features that can help across all customer touchpoints, from ordering to paying and more. Switching from a traditional POS system to a cloud-based one offers plenty of advantages—all it takes is a reliable internet connection to access your data.

Adora’s ePOS gives you full control over your system. Customize everything from menus, prices, promotions, employee schedules and even inventory. Operate more than one location? Implement your customized POS at one location or several, so you can create a cohesive, familiar system for your entire bar enterprise.

Some of Adora’s built-in features designed just for bar owners and operators include:

  • Start a tab. Adora’s proprietary open tab technology helps your staff open tabs by either customer name or credit card. Cards on file are swiped and securely saved, streamlining the POS experience for your patrons.
  • Timed pricing. Hosting happy hour? Adora’s timed pricing feature lets you set multiple happy hours and appropriate pricing. We’ll watch the clock for you!
  • Improved workflow. No one wants to wait for a drink. With Adora’s innovative POS systems designed especially for bars, bartenders can do their job better, quicker. That means quicker drinks for patrons, and more profits for your business.
  • Management tools. Adora’s cutting-edge ePOS even includes management tools that enable easy scheduling and tip pooling. Let your managers focus on more important tasks—like ensuring your customers are satisfied—by taking full advantage of the wide range of management tools in Adora’s cloud-based POS.
  • Data visibility. Cloud-based systems give managers and owners access to information at the touch of a button. You’re able to access your business anywhere that has an internet connection. Whether you want to view inventory counts or daily totals remotely—and in real time—Adora’s cloud-based POS helps you keep an eye on your business around the clock, no matter where you are.

Adora Is Raising the Bar

Whether you’re starting a new bar from scratch or you run a neighborhood spot that’s been around for decades, a POS system not only streamlines workflows for your bartenders, but it also keeps your customers happy. After all, the quicker your staff can serve up drinks, the better the experience for the customer. It all adds up to more revenue for your business. Ready to learn more about Adora’s innovative bar POS systems? Reach out to our team today to schedule your demo!

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