Why Restaurants are Leaving Legacy POS for the Cloud

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Why Restaurants are Leaving Legacy POS for the Cloud


It’s no secret that the restaurant world is dynamic, fast-paced, and constantly evolving. As technology improves, more and more restaurants are embracing the benefits cloud-based POS systems have to offer. Adora is 100% cloud-based, meaning restaurants can say goodbye to POS systems that are antiquated and clunky, and hello to a platform that offers modern solutions. From the customer to the kitchen, switching to a cloud-based POS like Adora offers advantages that will make your day-to-day operations run smoothly.

Flexibility. Security. Peace of Mind.

It’s 2020, which means just about everything is in the cloud. With Adora, your POS is no exception. While traditional legacy POS systems on closed local servers are inherently limited in nature, a cloud-based POS like Adora gives you the flexibility to use your system without being tethered to hardware. If you have an internet connection, you have access to everything from real-time sales updates to office management modules like inventory, employee management, customer management, advertising, and a bi-directional call center.

Using a POS that utilizes the cloud also saves you from the nightmare of having your system go down, especially in the middle of a busy rush. Since Adora works on any platform, you aren’t putting all your eggs in one basket like you would with a traditional POS.

Flawless Third-Party Integration

In today’s world, third-party platforms are becoming an increasingly important part of running a successful restaurant. This means your POS needs to be able to easily accommodate third-party services—glitch-free. Other POS systems (even those that use hybrid/cloud models) don’t have the capability to easily integrate with other systems, and some can’t integrate at all. Adora has integration capability at its core—it utilizes a simple API that any company can write to.

Online Orders are Easier than Ever

Most POS systems aren’t designed with online ordering in mind. At Adora, we understand how crucial online orders are to your business—so we’ve made them easier than ever. By treating online orders exactly the same as in-store orders, we’ve streamlined the process and put an end to mismatched tickets and confusing order layouts. Your staff won’t have to decipher separate online ordering systems, and your online customers will benefit from a system that puts just as much care into online orders as it does in-store purchases.

Functional Features Built for Your Business

 Adora sets itself apart from the competition by expanding its scope to include features beyond just those made for sit-down or quick-service concepts. Modules for pizza, coupons, and deliveries can be tricky, but where some POS systems stop at the bare minimum, Adora goes above and beyond. With robust delivery capabilities, expansive coupon offerings, and a focus on the details (like the ability to offer 1⁄2 pizzas), you’ll have the tools you need to thrive no matter what kind of service you want to focus on.

With features designed for flexibility and efficiency at every avenue and a cloud-based platform that gives you the freedom to use them anywhere, Adora gives you the tools you want with the flexibility you need.

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