Three Pizzeria Tech Solutions for 2022

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Three Pizzeria Tech Solutions for 2022

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Three Pizzeria Tech Solutions for 2022

Some things about the pizza business will always stay the same. Pizzerias will always be places where people can come together for delicious pies, great service, and convenient dining options. However, it’s 2022, and technology is making the pizza industry better than ever. 

At Adora, we’re at the forefront of restaurant technology, and we provide access to all the best solutions to help you run your business more efficiently—with features designed specifically for pizzerias. 

Take a look at the top three pizzeria tech solutions for 2022 and see how you can bring your pizza business into the modern world (while still preserving the things that make pizzerias so loved!). 

Cloud-Based Platforms 

In the past, the only way to access your POS was to physically go into the store. Thankfully, those days are behind us, and in 2022 you can access your POS from anywhere, anytime with a cloud-based platform like Adora. 

Just like the cloud makes accessing your photos, music, and data possible from anywhere you have access to the internet, Adora makes accessing your inventory, scheduling, and menu possible, too. 

If you’re online, you’ll be able to access all your information from the following devices:

● Phones

● Tablets

● Computers

● In-house service stations 

 Unlimited, untethered access is useful for any business, but it’s especially important for pizzerias. This is because they often operate with multiple stores, and it’s a business that’s ‘on-the-go’ due to the prevalence of take-out and delivery operations. 

Not to mention, being able to use your own devices will save you money on hardware. 

Updated Take-Out and Delivery Management 

Pizzerias were pioneers of online ordering. Thanks to Adora, they can now be pioneers of a new era by providing customers with incredibly easy ways to order online, too. Take a look at how Adora makes online ordering a breeze in 2022: 

● Native Platform – Online orders used to be a nightmare for kitchen staff everywhere. Thankfully, in 2022, online orders don’t have to be a source of frustration. Adora’s online platform acts as its own native POS, so orders print directly to the kitchen, are formatted exactly like in-house orders, and won’t interrupt the flow of your business. 

● Driver Tracking – The days of sending a driver off with a pizza and hoping for the best are also behind us. With our driver tracking app, you’ll always know exactly where your pies are. 

● Customizable Options – Your customers should have just as many options when they order online as they do when they order in-house. This is why we make it a piece of cake (or, more accurately, pizza) to add toppings, modify ingredients, and make changes. Plus, it’s just as easy to update the menu from the backend, so your customers will never have to deal with an outdated online menu again. 

● Advanced Integrations – These days, using third-party delivery options is the new reality for many pizza business owners. Luckily, Adora makes integration seamless, and never charges fees.  

Customer-Facing Options 

Technology is making it easier than ever for customers to order and pay for pizzas on their own terms. This is good news for pizzerias because it allows you and your staff to focus on what’s important—cranking out delicious pies and providing amazing service. 

Adora lets customers take advantage of QR code ordering, which allows them to view the menu and place orders directly from our easy-to-download app. They can also split the tab or pay by item, straight from their phones. This will ensure they’re having the best possible experience, as well as save your staff precious time and energy. 

We also offer kiosks that act as a second set of hands. They can do everything from sending orders directly to the kitchen to handling payments. 

Technology Makes the Pizza Business Stronger

Adora has been on a mission to use the power of technology to make the pizza business stronger since its inception. We’re always looking for ways to stay one step ahead of the curve, and to provide you with all the tools you need to keep up with today’s rapidly changing technology landscape. 

Schedule a demo today to find out how Adora will keep you up to date with all the features, tools, and resources you need to thrive in a world that increasingly relies on technology. We’ll help you put all the best pizzeria technology solutions to good use!