Why Point of Sales Systems are Better than Cash Registers

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Why Point of Sales Systems are Better than Cash Registers

Point of Sales Systems

Are you using a cash register and thinking about an upgrade? The truth is that even the most modern register is missing key features required in modern kitchens and restaurants. That’s where point of sales systems (POS) can help. Today’s POS systems offer additional capabilities that are increasingly essential.

Here are just a few of the features you can find with point of sales systems that will improve the efficiency and profitability of your restaurant.

Superior Mobility

Cash registers are stationary. They simply aren’t efficient in restaurants, where customers expect to pay at their table. One of the many benefits of modern point of sales systems is that they go where you need, including patios.

If you are looking for point of sales systems, then you’re probably thinking about range. Our AdoraPOS system offers superior range and improved connectivity so your team can confidently process payments anywhere they serve.

Integrated Modern Payment Processing

Cash registers are essentially for cash. Yes, you can have a section in them for receipts, but they are there to take cash and give change, a decreasingly common practice in almost every industry.

With a modern POS system, you can process payments of any variety, including Apple Pay and other smartphone-based payment options. They also can connect to your register so you can still handle cash payments and will offer precise transactions so your team will give the correct change every time.

Consistent Promotions Features

Do you run coupon or other promotional efforts? Your standard cash register can do little more than store coupons. Today’s point of sales systems can help you create, implement and track a promotion across all of your businesses. The AdoraPOS system can even help you implement across multiple systems. That means you can run the same promotion at multiple locations and get the data you need to see how it worked wherever you use it.

Online Orders and Delivery

If the restaurant industry has learned anything in the past few years, it’s that restaurants need fast, accurate and seamless online ordering systems that integrate with their operations. A Cash register simply does not have the capability to integrate with your kitchen to ensure orders are being processed in a timely manner.

One of the Top Point of Sales Systems Available

In today’s restaurant business, you need a system that can meet modern demands. Everything from online ordering to promotions tracking to simply processing payment for your guests at their table. While cash registers can offer some solutions for modern restaurants, the truth is that today’s point of sales systems can do so much more.

The AdoraPOS system is one of the best point of sales systems out there. With modern features like online processing, kitchen display technology and superior range for payment processing, it has the features you need to meet the demands of today’s restaurant industry. Contact us today to learn more about what our system can do for you.

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