What We Learned at the International Pizza Expo 2023

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What We Learned at the International Pizza Expo 2023

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What We Learned at the International Pizza Expo 2023

The International Pizza Expo is the largest trade show in the world for the pizza industry, bringing together thousands of pizza professionals from around the world to showcase the latest trends, innovations, products, and technology. Adora POS recently attended this world-class expo in Las Vegas, and we learned a lot about what’s trending in the world of pizza. Here are some of our key takeaways:

Customization is Key

Customers are looking for more personalized experiences, and pizza is no exception. The Expo showcased a variety of options for customization, from unique toppings to gluten-free and vegan options. Pizza operators who can offer customization options are more likely to satisfy customers and build brand loyalty. Being the pizza shop with unique options can set you apart from your competition in a big way.

Technology is Changing the Game

Advancements in technology have impacted the pizza industry in a big way. The Expo featured a range of new pizza-making machines and robotics, including machines that can make and bake a pizza in under 2 minutes. Adora POS showcased our industry-leading technology and features that sets us apart from all of the other competition. Being a premier POS technology company that was built specifically for the pizza industry gives our customers a huge competitive advantage.

Sustainability is Important

Sustainability is becoming an increasingly important issue in the pizza industry. Many owners are seeking out eco-friendly options for packaging and reducing food waste. For example, some chain owners are using plant-based packaging made from cornstarch or sugarcane fibers, which are biodegradable and compostable. Not only does this help the earth and our footprint, but customers like to see these easily marketable terms and you can build customer loyalty for caring about the earth.

Plant-Based Pizza is on the Rise

The popularity of plant-based diets is driving a rise in demand for vegan pizza options. Many exhibitors at the Expo showcased plant-based pizzas made with toppings like vegan cheese, plant-based meats, and fresh vegetables. This trend is expected to continue as more consumers prioritize health and environmental concerns. If you’re an old-school pizza lover this may sound a bit blasphemous, but the amount of these companies at the trade show was proof that this niche in the pizza industry is booming.

Education and Training are Keys to Success

The Expo offered a range of workshops and seminars focused on education and training for pizza operators. These sessions covered topics like dough-making techniques, menu development, and marketing strategies. Attendees had the opportunity to learn from globally recognized pizza professionals and gain insights into best practices for running a successful pizza business. Learning new trends and techniques can be extremely beneficial for staying ahead of your competition.

The International Pizza Expo was a great opportunity for Adora POS and other pizza industry professionals to learn about the latest trends and technologies in our unique industry. As customers’ tastes and preferences continue to evolve, it’s important for pizzeria owners to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and adopt innovative solutions to meet their customers’ needs. We’d highly recommend you come out to the expo next year. We will be there highlighting everything new and exciting with our POS technology.


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